Saturday, August 7

just another late night ramblings


suddenly this feeling struck me and automatically alarm mode is ON! am just 3 years away to hit 3 series !! okay that's not a big deal. everyone getting older each day right? but what makes me feels like an allien is, almost everyone around me getting engaged, getting married and even some of them changing BF's for like everyweek ! that's scary okay !! HAHA ;p how about me? am not even a step closer to marriage pon. ^_^ To tell you the truth i am not ready physically and mentally to settle down YET. well maybe it's just part of it as the moment am saying this i still haven't found my mr right yet. *sigh* however i believe those married couple when they tie the knot they were not fully prepared too. am i right?? so why should i freak out and make it as an excuse for not to think about marriage seriously?? hmmm only GOD knows what best for me... btw, SOONER OR LATER I AM GETTING MARRIED TOO JUST LIKE YOU GUYS. it just a matter of time. so please stop asking me those killer question, will you? and one more thing, stop calling me a liar whenever i told you that i have no boyfriend. It HURTS when people called you as such okay?

nota kaki : this is just to answer your question; my long lost friend~

Thank you for reading ~!

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N a d i a said... Reply To This Comment

nanti akan ketemu juga~
just enjoy you young-sweet-lovely single day~


p/s: nnt dah kawen banyak benda nak kena fikir.. aahah

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

yeszaaa knot~ mmg enjoy my single life. tp org sekeliling yg asyik tanye bikin hati panas jek. hehe ;p

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