Saturday, February 23

8 in d morning

last nite im supposed to stdy.
as my exam is juz around d corner. but.. hurm.. da trtdo laa..
when i awake is already 8 in d morning. haha :))
so i promise myself to start my revision today but until now i haven't started yet.
ekekeke ;p

why it is so hard eh? i can stay on9 24/7 but not stdy. haih. i need to change! if not then my life gonna b messy even messier.... pls pray fur me guys. dis exam is soo important! it is a way where i shud head my life to.. if not ,i such a failure :(

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i surrender

juz listen to celine dion's song- i surrender..
its my fav actually. but then tonite i feel so touched n sad when i heard dis song. dunno why. typical me.
whenever i heard dis kind of song i can easily cry... arghhh. sumbody pls help me.:

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Wednesday, February 20

*1st D2's trip-16feb-17feb'08

hey guys!
here are some of piccies at hulu langat... actually there are lots more at fotopages.
heee =D
this trip sgt happening! besh gler la. mule2 kan lame gler tnggu kt kl sentral bcoz one of my fwen, ng, sesat. janji kt kl sentral tp die da smpai ke klcc. haha!!

around 10.30 br la gerak. me naik 1 kete ngan zuha,ema n faqa. zuha yg drive. n me supposed to sit at d back la wif ema, tp si faqa nak ngade2 ngan ema so aku kne jd co-pilot la. lgpun aku yg taw jln. hehe. since ng xsmpai lg so we decided to meet her at fstep je. so madi kne naik skali ngan kitorg la. so ngan konfiden nye gerak la. then mase kt jln loke yew me cm pelik mane yg lain?? owh we all konvoi. de 4 kete sume skali. 2 wira, 1 storm n 1 kancil. tu xcampur ng n her viva.

cont blk, smpai kt rounadbout hukm tu da slh msk. so kne la pusing blk. rupenye dak2 ni da tnggu kt bp. adesss.. ni la kalo info xbtol. pstu tewuskan la jln. since faqa bwk guitar so kitorg suwuh die main la. mcm2 lagu la die main n nyanyi. not bad la his voice. easy listening. kire havoc gak la kt dlm kete tu. whee~~

smpai sane, tewus g chalet. alahai... muat2 je. tp chalet kitorg dkt2 la. then tewus siap2 nk g jungle trekking. excited neh. hehe :)) bile stat jungle trekking mule2 besh la. pstu dok mendaki je lelame sume pn pancit. mmg adventure gler la track nye. penat seh. pstu da half way tu zuha lak mcm nk pitam. so stop jap la.
aku ngan ema kt dpn je. tp kan mmg track die besh la. sbb adventure. pstu jmpe waterfall yg cantek sgt.. then da haus sgt minum je air sungai tu.hurm nyaman! hehe :)

then ptg tu aku jz relax2 je. mls nk mandi.
mase sukaneka pown besh. mcm2 la jd. tp xbyk pic la time tu. n mlm de bbq lak. sedap gler ayam tuh. tp mase mlm tu da xlarat nk mkn sume.hee.. okey la.
mls nk taip da. overaalll sume mmg totally happening! n nxt trip gonna b snorkling!

*waiting fur ng n her viva. she lost!*

*me n zuha. on our way to hulu langat. at d back ema flirting wif faqa :)) *

*once arrived there*

*jungle trekking. sume cumel. yg pkai short tu pn cumel haha :)) *

*muke penat sume nih*

*santai di tepi sungai. besh wooo!! *


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Monday, February 18


actually dis is my 5th blogs. i'm such a lousy blogger.
dnt knw why i hardly maintain my blog.
at 1st im so eager to share everything but the minute i want to share, everything juz fade away.
i myself dunno how to start, wht to say n etc.
sudennly everything become unclear, wht i shud say 1st, whts next. :(
but i do hope dis blog will last forever.
since i already deleted others.
actually im waiting pics at hulu langat being transfered.
then i'll post it here okeh.

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Sunday, February 17

*ouch! my body ache*

im back....
it was great! but my body ache :( after getting some rest, haaa.. bile bgn mule la rase saket2 nye...
i guess i need to stop.
cannot stand la.
once im ok, i'll share more bout d trip...

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Saturday, February 16

*happy birthday lil sis! *

today 16th feb 2008 is my one & only lil sis buffday.
wanna wish her,
a very happy birthday!!

even though she might not read dis post.

i better go to sleep now.
its already 12.49am
need to wake up early in d morning tomorrow.
cant wait!!


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Friday, February 15

*blogging time*

here i am.
blogging time! not good in putting words into nice sentences.. :)
but i nk share story. yup..
tomorrow is my trip to hulu langat. im sooo excited.
right now im in d middle packing my things..
byk gler tuh..
lemme stop here.
will update once im back okeh

Thank you for reading ~!

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