Friday, November 30


This entry is random... after a long time...

Wake up at 6.20 am this morning. Perfomed my Subuh prayer and didn't go back to sleep. Work out for about 10 minutes and took a shower afterwards. Went to office at 7.45 am. I feel good. 

Little did I know that... I Thought The Sun Would Shine Till Evening, Unfortunately It Rains In The Afternoon... There goes my teardrops in the early morning... in the last day of November.. Luckily my roommate was in the meeting and workloads not that heavy... I was crying hard... very hard... 

I fall into pieces... Too many things to think.. I need to make a decision... Which path will I choose.. It's scary.. Suddenly I realized something... How bad my life is, I'm still lucky enough that I have my family, my friends, my job (even tho status is K) compared to those palestians in GAZA...Astagfirullah....

Bukan senang nak sedapkan hati sendiri... It's painful... But I have to... That's life...

Pandanglah kehidupan dengan pandangan cinta & optimis, sebab kehidupan adalah hadiah daripada Allah untuk seluruh manusia...

Notakaki : Semoga diberi kekuatan dan hidayah untuk memilih yang terbaik.. 

Thank you for reading ~!

Saturday, November 24

Wishing Myself a Happy Birthday!!!

2.24 am- 24 November 2012

It's my XX birthday and I don't regret growing older..
Here's wishing myself a gorgeous birthday. I wanna take time to thank Allah for all that I have. May Allah bless me with peace, health and happiness. May I gather the courage and conviction to realize all my dreams. May I consistently work on my negative traits and become a better person... Bersyukur pada Allah swt yang masih beri aku kehidupan walaupun aku seringkali lalai daalm menjalankan tanggungjawab kpd-NYA
.Ku pohon pd mu ya Allah semoga hidupku diberkati, bertambah iman kpd mu Ya Allah.
Insya Allah

to me !

Nota kaki : thank you mama & ayah for everything. I wouldn't be in this world without both of you.

Thank you for reading ~!

Wednesday, November 21

Wordless Wednesday: Breaking dawn Part 2

Every year movie ni keluar mesti around my birthdate. HEHEHE...  Can't wait !

Nota kaki : Rasa serba salah pulak nak enjoy lebih-lebih mengenangkan nasib umat Islam di Gaza.. Hanya mampu berdoa dan boycott mana yang perlu.. Amin

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Monday, November 19

Sizzling Stonegrill


Hello everyone !

I'm back with foodies entry. Teehee =D 
That day I went to Melaka with bestie for cuti-cuti Malaysia... We stayed at Bayou lagoon park Resort (will blog about it later). Due to some reason ( its raining cats & dogs that night plus I'm such an idiot when it comes to direction and I rabun.. so yeah bummer !) we end up to AEON (Jusco) that night.

I was famished  that day cause I didn't take my lunch... On diet katanya. 
And I really want to eat chicken or steaks will do. Was looking for nando's/chillis/or anything that have steaks/chicken. Tapi enggak ada. Then we passed by this one restaurant called Sizzling Stonegrill. 

Here we go !

What's so special about Sizzling Stonegrill? The main attraction would be, of course its sizzling stones! 


 Now for those not in the know, a stone grill uses a thick piece of stone, heated up to the temperature as high as 450 °C, and then used to cook any type of food and vegetables. Generally, no oil or fat is used for this type of grilling and they are generally considered very healthy.

 The ambience... Macam dalam gua pun ye jugak. HEHE

My menu on that day. Couldn't recall what its called... But basically its prawn + lamb. While my partner makan meehun tomyam (I guess so)

Anyway, as I have said earlier, you have to really cook your own food. Your food will be served on a plate, with a heated-up stone on it. With the side dishes on the side, whatever meat that you have ordered will be placed on top of the grill.  You will also be served with black pepper sauce to be eaten along with your grilled steaks.

In the mist of grilled my lamb. Mouthwatering 0_o

While the steaks are nice and tender (depending on how well you flip and turn it on the stone grill), the sauce can be a bit salty – spicy enough, but too salty for my taste. Depending on which set you choose, you can either choose rice with mixed veggies, or French fries with mixed veggies. 

I really enjoyed my dining experience here, and I kinda like the theme and the overall uniqueness of this entire restaurant and concept.Dining isn’t really that cheap, but it's affordable I must say. I think this place is really worth a try. In the end, it will very much depends on how much a fan are you of grills and steaks.

Me after dinner. Makin cute tembam sebab makan steak sedap. Eh? 

OOTD (bajet ade orang nak tau. HAHA)
Ombre chiffon Shawl from CalaQisya
Fish tail top from Nichii
Unbranded Palzzo pants 
Seriously the food are nice . Price is quite reasonable too . I will visit them next time if i have the chance. Please let me know if there's such restaurant in Klang Valley. Thanks !

Nota kaki : hidup tak boleh lepas dari pergi AEON agaknya... HAHHAHAA

Thank you for reading ~!

Friday, November 16

KDrama - Innocent Man (Mr. Nice Guy)


K-drama again ! 
The reason I watched this drama because of Song Joong Ki & Lee Kwang Soo !!

This drama is strangely captivating. The mysterious elements at the beginning of the episode makes you marvel at what sort of relationship the characters have between themselves.

 Eun Gi - Kang Maru- Han Jae Hee

This story is about the guy named Kang maru (Song Joong Ki) who want to revenge his ex-girlfriend by using the lady on the left hand side Eun gi (moon chae won) who was his ex-girlfriend’s step daugther (yes that girl married to the rich bussinessman, Eungi’s father)

Kang Maru

Your opinion of the character of Maru changes constantly (which is probably why you are so interested in the multiple sides of his personality). At first, I admire Kang Maru intelligence of discovering the illness of the child in hospital. Yet only a few moments later do we get angry at how stupid he can to take the blame for someone else's wrong doing for the wrong reasons. How i hate the type of boy who blinded by love and gave up everything for his love. even his bright career as a doctor! Song Joong Ki acting skill really great. totally different with his previous drama where he usually to be the type of flower boy and always smile. In this drama, he is the main actor and he act as a man. a man who feel betrayed by his love.

 Eun Gi

Eun Gi is very tough, confident girl in this drama, fighting over her stepmother, Jae Hee, who possibly wanting all the property of her dad’s company. Eun Gi in this case, doesn’t seem anything like Jae Hee. She doesn’t have a pitiful side. Eun Gi is even more scholarly than Jae Hee too. Calculation and management seem to be what she does daily. In this case, Eun Gi shows a contradict character compare to Jae Hee.

 Han Jae Hee

Jae Hee is just betrayer in this kdrama. Marrying an old old man right after Maru covering her wrongdoings is just a very disgusting act. However, stupid enough, Maru loves this girl so much, even after being betrayed. How sad. How irritating. How annoying !

Jae Gil & Choco

 Maru's best friend & sister..

This drama has been a non-stop ride of tension and anxiety but … not in a bad way. (As in, rolling-your-eyes at the stupidity of the story or actions of the characters.) I have watched up to episode 18. 2 episodes to go yet I can't predict the ending. Will Maru & Eun Gee finally be together or Maru will be with Han Jae Hee? Arghh.. can't wait to watch...

Nota kaki :  Currently watching Queen In Hyun's man.. Next in the list is Missing you !

Thank you for reading ~!

Friday, November 9

Pre-love items to let go


 Been meaning to sell my pre-loved items for quite some time..I have a lot of blouse/top that I haven't wear yet plus some of it I can't fit in it already. Sobbsss.. I sudah kembang bermangkuk-mangkuk -_- Some of it I bought online and some I bought it myself.. So pls scroll down if you wish to purchase any of it.

This top I bought from factory outlet in Bandung.. I love the color...

 Never worn

Brand - MINIMAl
Price - RM35 (excluding postage) 

Purple top from Nichii

Never worn
Umur semakin meningkat thus I don't fancy this bling bling top anymore. HAHHA

Brand: Nichii
Size: S
Price: RM35 (Excluding postage)

This top I purchased online via rinasalleh collection...
Never worn..

Brand: No brand
Size: Free size
Price: RM30 (Excluding postage)

 This one really a good bargain !
A pair of jeans from GUESS

I bought it at FJ Benjamin warehouse sales last year.
Never worn so it's a brand new jeans uolls ! Tag pun ada lagi..
Oh it's not skinny.. Straight Leg okay...

Brand- GUESS
Size- 27
Price- RM60 (excluding postage)

If you wish to purchase, do not hesitate to contact me at

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Thursday, November 8

Taman Buaya, Melaka


Hari tu hantar boboy balik ke KKM dari PD... so sempatlah singgah Taman Buaya kat Melaka.. Haih adik ku yang hitam lagi sorang tu suka sangat nak pergi... HEHEHE.. so meh story sikit....

 Kependekan kakak-kakak teserlah di situ. Alahai 0__0
Inilah budak KKM itu... all the best for your final exam bro !

Here we come buaya !!
Excited much? Hihi

Tiket RM10 utk setiap dewasa
RM6 untuk kanak-kanak (6 tahun ke atas)
harga tiket ni berbaloi dengan apa yang kita experience dalam ni..

Haa KLCC pun ada uols~ Malaysia Miniature....

Penang Bridge pun ada....

Then before we off to see buaya, kita masuk dulu reptile corner...
The 1st thing I saw was this creepy monster..

Green Anaconda. It's big ! Gila menakutkan.. Meremamng bulu roma ku. Anaconda ni nampak macam kekenyangan sebab perut besar tapi kepala kecik je... Scary !

This Albino Phyton pun nampak lena kemain tidur... huh.... Takut.. tapi nak tengok. Pelik sungguh !

Okay enough with those creepy reptiles.. now crocs time !
Oh too bad we missed the show at 2.30pm..

Buaya.. OMG... Besar-besar buaya yang ada.. Semua pakat tidur macam mati... Dah la warna berkarat.. kalau jumpa memang tak perasan ada buaya.. Sedar-sedar kena ngap je !
Meremang juga bulu roma aku... 

Saltwater Crocodile...

Paling besar ! Aku beranikan diri masuk tangan dalam kandang amik gambar. HAHAHA. Kalaulah terjatuh hp ku hari tu atas buaya ni memang nahas. Kitorang siap baling batu bagai nak tengok buaya ni gerak. Erm jangan harap. Lena sangat tidur.. Macam-macam ragam pulak tu. HEHHE

Nampak tu sampai nganga-nganga tidur.. Best sangat le tu.. huhu

After that 2 orang si kecik (Damia & Aiman) mandi kat kolam yang ada dalam tu... Don't worry no extra charges. Tiket RM10 tu pakej sekali dengan kolam mandi tu sekali.. Suka betul budak-budak dapat mandi camtu...

Then aku masuk rumah hantu.. Memang dari awal teringin nak masuk sini. Yang ni tiket lain. RM3 per person...

Haaa.. takdela scary cume terkejut lebih... Memang kuat jugak la aku menjerit. HAHAHA. adik-adik aku pun semua jerit cam apa... Gelap gila dalam tu.. Tapi best ! Satisfied !! HEHEHHE

Last but not least, family photo !

I love my family.. Walaupun kitorg adik beradik tak serapat macam sibling lain. Heee

Nota kaki : That top from forever 21 is my fav top at the moment. Jangan byk bunyi kalau nampak aku asyik pakai tu je. HAHA. this time I paired it with flowy lacey skirt from Niichii. Take note, you might see this top in my new entry soon. A g a i n !  HAHAHA

Thank you for reading ~!

Wednesday, November 7

Lovey Dovey Wordless Wednesday

I'm in love with


♥ ring from Forever 21 !

Notakaki : I want a diamond ring ! When will I get it? Sobsss

Thank you for reading ~!

Tuesday, November 6

My favorite strawberry milk body butter


Siapa suka body butter? Rasanya mostly girls/women memang suka beauty stuff macam ni kan..
Ingat lagi dulu masa study kat UiTM selalu beli CLEO sebab nak dapat coupon free.. Coupon tu boleh la beli body butter body shop. Dapat murah sikit.. Bau wangi gila. My fav of course lah blueberry ! Tapi saiz besar sangat.. bertahun jugak pakai tak habis-habis.. Plus body shop punya body butter tak serap sangat so bila pakai terasa kat tangan cam oily... Then lepas tu terus stop guna body butter...

Dulu masa muda remaja beli barang semua nak berjenama/mahal padahal guna duit PTPTN je.. HAHAH.. Sekarang dah kena cari duit sendiri baru tau value of money.. That's explain why I love this body butter so much... 

Introduce to you
Starwberry Milk Body Butter from Sophie Paris...
Moisturizing with milk extract !

I love everything with milk extract because it leaves my skin so soft and nearly good enough to eat. The lingering scent of strawberry milk is my favourite thing about this. Plus it absorbs to the skin quickly compared to body shop body butter. The smell lasts a day long, and as I thought It works really good on me. Other than that the price doesn't burn a hole to my wallet coz it less than RM15 (excluding postage) !! 

 I carry this body butter whenever I go as if I have flaky dry skin. HAHAHA.

If you like to order, feel free to contact me at

Nota kaki : I feel good !!

Thank you for reading ~!

Friday, November 2

Potluck Katanya


Haaa.. banyak sebenarnya yang nak diupdate dekat blog... So now time to update.. 

Hari tu buat pot luck katanya kat rumah akak monday.. Sebenarnya kitorang datang sebab raya hari tu tak sempat nak beraya ke rumah masing-masing. Lagipun lama sangat tak jumpa.. Last jumpa masa ENTRY ni.. yakni aku pakai tudung yang sama. cisss ! camne boleh tak perasan? Erm.....

Okay so akak Thursday (darah manis. tak sabar tunggu Jun. LOL) cadang buat potluck..

Kalau tengok situ akak thursday kemain kata.. tak biasa potluck ke? amboiiii kakak !

So setelah mendapat kata sepakat dari akak-akak yang lain makanya berpotluck le kita... Destinasi haruslah rumah akak monday since dia dah pindah rumah baru. Ayuh terjah !

So here's the menu of the day... Tak semua aku sempat snap.. Maklumlah sampai lambat. Sampai je terus makan. HAHAHHA..

Akak monday aka tuan rumah masak mee bandung.. Akak Saturday pulak buat popia basah & goreng di mana akak thursday tolong goreng. Akak thursday pulak bawak Konnyaku (Nama canggih bagi agar-agar. HAHA) Akak tuesday bawak cheese cake (cake tunjuk kat kedai) sebab malam sebelum tu tercedera katanya (lame excuse. HAHA). And yours truly aka Sunday bawak Pavlova (yang tak menjadi sangat. Lembik.. tapi boleh makan lagi okayyyy) + Baked potato n cheese (resipi copy dari blog Nadia Bayu. Later kalau rajin boleh share resipi. Hihi). So yang dalam gambar tu tak lengkap lah semua ada... HEHEHHE

Lepas makan semua... Masa untuk layan movie.. Since akak saturday bawak Danish so akak thursday pilih cerita tontonan umum sahaja.. Kita layan The Avengers ! Aku & akak tuesday memang tak pernah tengok. Jadi memang kusyuk la mengadap.. Tapi in the end ada suara-suara yang spoil kan... gggrrrrr !

 Us with Jacob. 

 Say hi to Jacob !
 Handsome kan? 
Melting ♥ 

Btw selain suara masing-masing yang memang terjerit-jerit bila bercakap, ada lagi satu makhluk tuhan yang comel yang membuatkan akak-akak ni melompat tak tentu pasal...

Tapi aduhai very the playful la this cat.. Kerja nak mengigit aje... Aku takpela setakat gigitan kucing tu dah biasa... Tapi akak tuesday tu penakut nye MasyaAllah.... HAHHAHA

OMG.. He's s so fluffy ! Sedap peluk wehhhhh...

Maka berkahirlah aktiviti pot luck pada hari tersebut bila suami kepada akak monday pulang dari golf.. Masa tu masing-masing tengah syok layan movie. Kelam kabut ambik bantal tutup rambut. HAHHAHA..

Btw thanks akak monday for hosted this so called housewarming + pot luck.  It was fun meeting you guys.. So who's next? 



Group Gadis Suam pulak plan nak potluck jugak soon. Can't wait !! Okay lets practice my cooking skill before it's too late. HEHEHEH 

Nota kaki : Aku boleh lupa tutup lampu kereta masa tu. Nasib baik enjin boleh start lagi. Phew -__-

Thank you for reading ~!

Thursday, November 1

Missing In Action


It's been exactly a month me being MIA from virtual world (No FB, twitter, blog, Instagram) Okay untuk Instagram ngelat sikit sebab still LIKE & komen picture kawan-kawan.. HEHHEHE..

Ada yang merindui ku?
Tau mesti takde
The reason of being MIA?? No specific reason. Cuma rasa tak nak bersosial buat sementara waktu.... HAHAHAHA..

Hello Facebook !

Hello Twitter !

So now my favorite month is about to begin, here I am...

Nota kaki : Thanks to the new followers !

Thank you for reading ~!

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