Wednesday, February 25

Little Flower, The Magical Flower


Hai uols ! Uols suka bunga tak? I have something to share with you guys.

Ever heard about little flower before? Ahaa.. Aku pernah jumpa dekat kedai... It's tiny yet so pretty.. Masa tu agak ragu-ragu nak beli.. But now dah jatuh cinta..

What is little flower?

The flowers are real tau.. Bunga baby kekwa/Chrysanthemum.. Keep in room temperature, ada aircond pun no problem. Kalau nak sembur air guna spray bottle tau.. Just spray dalam 3-5 times a week untuk bagi segar. Bunga ni tak meninggi tau.. Statik besar tu je.. Sesuai letak kat meja office ke..

The uniqueness of little flower

Teruja tak?

Bawah ni contoh little flower yang ada..

Iols boleh tolong order/belikan if u guys interested.. Just email me then I boleh bagi the whole picture with the price for your reference..

Price range RM14.90 to RM240

All prices excluded postage.. Postage kena tengok berat, jenis dan besar mana.. sebab glass kaca so postage mahal sikit dari biasa.. Range from RM9 to RM15


Please email me at


Nota kaki: If you guys interested to be the agent pun boleh email I okay.

Thank you for reading ~!

Monday, February 23

Calaqisya Lacey Ara Jubah (LAJ) to let go


I have CalaQisya LAJ to let go as below

New with tag
Never worn
Size - M
Nursing & Wudhu friendly
Reason to let go - wrong size 
Calaqisya Price - RM169
My Price -RM110 exc postage

Interested? Please email me at sweetdina83[at]gmail[dot]com

Thank you for reading ~!

Wednesday, February 18

A letter to myself


Bulan 5 tahun lepas aku berkesempatan untuk pergi OBS (Outward Bound School) untuk kali ke-2. The first time I went to OBS Lumut was in 2008 during my FSTEP training... I was slim, young, single & free at that time. Of course la I enjoy myself to the fullest... 10 days seem so short.. 10 days without any connection to the outside world (no handphone, no money) and I felt wonderful..

So when I was told that am going for 2nd time I was so excited to go ! Little did I know that age, status & berat yang berbeza turut menyumbang kepada pengalaman OBS kali ini... HAHAHA..

1 week course seems so tiring and exhausted ! There goes my excitement to be an ex-bounders once again :( Dah la duduk di dorm Irau yang ada 106 anak tangga untuk daki hari-hari.. Can you imagine? Sekali turun memang kalau boleh tak nak naik dah... Tapi apakan daya paling tidak 2x turun naik dorm... Sobsss...

There were so many hurdles that we've encountered.. Dengan ekspedisi whaler yang paling mencabar... 8 hours atas laut mendayung... Such a priceless experience yet so tiring !!!!!  It was totally different from the one I'd enjoy in 2008... Phewwww

Okay lah back to the tajuk.. During solo camp we were told to write a letter to ourselves and the instructor will post it to us after 6 months...Alhamdulillah I received mine in the middle of January 2015... Read back what I've wrote during the solo camp makes me burst into laughter.. what a funny letter...

Start menulis at 8.05 pm... I just want to kill time... Boring kot solo camp. We were prohibited from chit chat among ourselves... I wrote in English walaupun tunggang terbalik.. HAHAHHA.... Menulis dengan bertemankan torchlight yang dibeli en tunang pada masa itu...

 See? berapa helai aku merepek menulis.. HAHAHHAHA... I also make  a comparison dengan 2008 punya journey.. Funnyyyyyyyyy 

Phew 8.37 pm habis menulis !!! Solat Isyak then shut my eyes down... 

Alhamdulillah everything went on well. 

In a nutshell, it's better if I haven't experience OBS at all so I can enjoy myself to the fullest...

Nota kaki : Bawak camera tapi sangat sikit bergambar.. entah kenapa takde mood... 

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Tuesday, February 17



Last week aku MC for two days due to URTI (Upper respiratory tract infection).

 I was down with mild fever & severe sore throat, cough & flu.. Phew. These were pretty normal if I'm strong like I'm used to.. But not now... I'm fragile and so lembik sampai I can't really do anything... Tiap kali batuk sampai muntah.. It was painful.. Alhamdulillah fever dah subsided after 2 1/2 days.. Tapi selsema & batuk masih sampai ke hari ini... I can't look down at my handphone nanti mula lah hingus meleleh keluar bagaikan air mata... HAHAHAH... If I were in the tip top condition these sickness probably last for 3 days max. Tapi sebab condition sekarang yang mana I can't simply chow down any medications that prescribed to me, so yeah that's literally explain why I haven't been well yet... Please pray for my healthy peeps.. I haven't been 100% well for the past 4 months... Sigh... 

Nota kaki : Ku sematkan di fikiran sakit ni penghapus dosa kecil.. InsyaAllah

Thank you for reading ~!

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