Wednesday, August 20

Wordless Wednesday; Tropical Fruits


Us during SEP Modul

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Sunday, August 10

#dUCKscarves. Yes I've been dUCk-ed !

I've been dUCk-ed !

If you're an avid instagram user, then you would have already known. But if are one of those rare beings that don’t have instagram, then let me tell you here. Say hello to dUCk, a lifestyle scarf collection with designs and colours inspired by the life of fictional character, D. From premium basics in a wide variety of colours to unique prints, each dUCk scarf – identifiable by the super adorable silver duck charm embroidered on it – is inspired by D’s stories and adventures.

#dUCkscarves from Instagram

I must say I was intrigued by the packaging of Duck Scarves when they first introduced it. (So pretty!) However, spending a huge RM120 on plain scarves without having to look at the real colour and texture is too risky given my past experience. After contemplating and procrastinate I finally made my decision and shut my eyes while clicking away my 1st ever scarf that cost me more than hundreds... phew.. it's not an easy decision I tell you. But I was over the moon once I received it... It's so lovely.. am lovin it... Plus every scarf purchase also comes with a personalised thank you card from D, as well as styling ideas in a hard casing so its wearers can get creative. Imma satisfied customer !

My perk for this scarf? It's superb, lovely, silky and easy to wear ! Not to mention it brings a dash of luxury and the design is uber chic... arghhh should have bought more ! Now am officially announced myself as a #dUCkscarvesholic. My aim is to have all colors (okay due to it's price I might be only purchase 1 scarf every month or else am forever be broke!)
Sayang nak bukak. Feels like opening a present.. Erm let's call it self-reward. Teehee :))
Look ! Am not only one who excited here. #babyzhecat more excited to open the box for me !

The appreciation card from D, style Card and not in the picture a thank you card signed by #fashionvalet team

Mine is milk chocolate. Major love... the dUCk charm is so cute !

And now I'm eager to own their KL skyline printed scarf ! I find their KL skyline print scarf very clever. A city girl must  have !

Nota kaki : Am still obsess with Calaqisya's maggie shawl.. I've own about 18 scarves altogethter.. am such a chronic shopaholic. 

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Wednesday, August 6

#nadlilkitchen : Congo Bars


Just wanna share this simple dessert congo bars my version!
It was simple recipe, the ingredients are easy to find at any supermarket and not to mention the taste which is yummylicious ! Sapa pernah makan ? Dia lebih kurang macam kek tapi more to brownies sebab nipis dan rangup sikit. I will share resepi dan cara-cara membuat dia.
Congo Bars

2¾ cups all-purpose flour (lebih kurang 315gm)
2½ teaspoons baking powder
½ teaspoon salt
200 grams butter - softened in room temperature
320 grams light brown sugar
3 eggs (gred B)
1 teaspoon vanilla essence
325 grams chocolate chips (aku letak 300 gm jek)
1 cup walnuts/almonds 

1.    Sift flour, baking powder and salt in bowl and put aside.
2.    In another bowl, mix brown sugar with butter until dissolve.
3.    Put egg one by one and mix well.  Put vanilla essence.
4.    Pour sifted mixture of flour, baking powder and salt and mix it well.
5.    Put chocolate chips and nuts and mix it well.
6.    Pour the mixture into buttered tray, layered with grease paper.
7.    Bake in pre-heat oven at 180 degree Celsius for 20 – 30 minutes.
8.    Cut it to equal square size bars.

Tapi silap tabur habis choc chip & badam dalam adunan... Tu yang tak berapa cantik jadinya... Takpelah 1st attempt kan ! There's always next time

Till then~

Nota kaki : Buat ni khas untuk bawak ke rumah future MIL... HEHHEEH sebab tak boleh nak fikir bawak apa... Nasib baik edible and sedap. Eh ! ;)

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