Wednesday, January 16

Goguma Couple


Maaf.. Am so outdated.. HAHA... Tapi taklah sangat.. Since me dah tengok khuntoria dah lama since 2010.. cuma tak sempat tengok habis... Blog yang daku follow dah takde so terus tak tengok.. but recently ntah macam mana jumpa balik link yang ada untuk WGM ni.. So layan balik lah khuntoria.. Arghh they both were so sweet ~! Tak boleh tahan.. Rasa macam on a cloud 9 je bila tengok. HAHA. Dasar kuat berangan memang macam tu...Soi just watched khuntoria final episode. 

[Nickhun 2PM (Thailand) & Victoria f(x) (China)]

Seriously, damn it, I actually cried  buckets  I just can't believe that their fake marriage has ended. Whyyyy... T___T But I am really glad that they have ended it beautifully. Really glad seriously. Reminiscing the first time they have met. The first time of this and that. The way they reminisce thing got me cried a bucket. And to think that I can't follow their love story anymore, tear my heart apart T________T 

Goguma/YongSeou Couple

Then now I'm watching We Got Married YongSeo Couple (Seo Hyun SNSD & Yong Hwa CN Blue) also known as Goguma couple ( Goguma is sweet potatoes.. Since Seo Hyun suka sangat Goguma) pulak..Hehe.. I choose to watch this couple since I knew them from Running Man.. Yes. Yong Hwa dah 7x jadi guest dalam Running Man..  Bila tengok ni aku terus suka CN Blue !! Padahal sebelum ni tak pernah dengar pun lagu CN Blue.. HEHHE... 

Seo Hyun macam innocent sangat dalam show nih,maybe sebab sebelum ni tak pernah ada pengalaman bercinta & muda lagi,so macam comel sangat bila dia malu malu & awkward dengan Yong Hwa.Haha depa sangat sweet! Aaa pengsan!!
Yang lagi comel  Seo Hyun nih suka baca self improvement books, then dia suruh Yong Hwa baca self-improvement books dalam masa seminggu.Haha lelaki mana suka baca genre buku macam nih..but Yong Hwa being soooo gentleman & romantic,make an effort jugak nak baca buku tuh.Haih comelnyaaaa Saranghae Yong Hwa !!

I’m proud of Yong Hwa for taking this time away from his music to treat Seohyun with caring, kindness, consideration and patience. I feel he gave this innocent and kind girl a good experience on how to be in a relationship with a boy. 

I hope they will be a real couple in real life Khuntoria & YongSeo Fighting !! 

Makin lama aku makin suka dengan Yong Hwa. Help !! Sebab aku suka character dia yang playful tu... Haih tolonglah... After this maybe nak try tengok Adam Couple or Woojong Couple plak.. Walaupun episode banyak tapi setiap episode 30 mins je so takdelah lama sangat..

Kalau camni bila Dong Yi aku nak habis tengok ntah... Gossip Girl pun tak habis gak lagi ni.. 
Adoii.. I need to stop !!!!Rasa macam tak sesuai umur aku yang nak tukar ke 3 series nak layan k-pop ni sangat.. Tapi dah terlayan nak buat macam mana. HAHHAHA 

Oh ya semua entry untuk bulan ni adalah scheduled entry yer.. Dah lama ade dalam draft baru nak publish. LOL

Nota kaki: I hope bila kahwin (tapi tak tau la bila) aku  stop layan mende lagha camni... HEHEHE 

Thank you for reading ~!

Tuesday, January 15

My Love Affair


Selamat Tahun Baru 2013..

Oooppss dah almost 2 weeks pon 2013. HEHE. 

Okay so this time I wanna share about my current obsession...My love affair with Soap & Glory began when Dena Bahrain keep on posting her Soap & Glory purchases recently.. It bring out the curiosity in me.. I have to admit that the packaging attracts me most ! Plus with their affordable price tag. Tee Hee..I'm soooooo outdated.. Satu Malaya dah tau pasal Soap & Glory... Aku baru nak suka. HAHAHA

So that day after spent a few hours at #BigBadWolf2012 I went straight to KLCC (alone) to pay Sephora a visit. Finally ! After our first encounter, I'm smitten.. What's not to love about Soap & Glory? Everything, from their fancy name, divine scents, cute, pink and vintage packaging make me swoon in a heartbeat, hehe =P I feel like getting the whole range for myself ! How I wish money grow on trees... sigh

My collection so far after 2x visit Sephora (KLCC & Paradigm Mall) 

During my 1st visit I've signed up for the Sephora loyalty card, and entitled to redeem the Welcome gift - a tube of Sephora body wash from the store.

Sephora Douche Body Wash I ♥ it ~!

 My fav scrub !
Have you come across this product? It's a 2-in-1scrub and mask. What I like most about it is that instant minty-cool sensation when it is applied onto skin. love minty stuff !! Really, I love its minty sensation because it makes my skin feel so fresh and rejuvenated.

 Leave it for another 3 minutes for mask !

Seriously, I can't get enough of this product. Apart from the cool feeling that I get from using the purifying 2-in-1 scrub and mask, it also smells nice and doesn't dry up my skin. What I also realised is that though it claims to be oil-absorbing, the clay mask does not sting the skin. I think it is really a value-for-money product... I am that happy with this beauty. I would definitely recommend it to anyone with super oily and blemish-prone skin.

Spray-on body mist moisturizing (cream) and a fruity floral fragrance body mist (pink)

I like the fruity floral scent that it has. Yummy
Smells wonderful, not strong.. I love this product it works as a moisturizer and it smells fantastically, I just wished the scent lasted longer...

Clean on me Creamy Moisture Shower Gel
 This body wash is absolutely amazing, the smell is fantastic, it lathers quickly and luxuriously, and best of all, you get a deep refreshing sense of all-over clean..

 Scrub of your life
It has a wonderful scent and does a nice job of removing dead skin. leaving you feeling clean and smelling good!
One of Soap & Glory bestsellers ! Hand foot cream & the righteous butter

 It is nice and moist with out being greasy left on your hand.

These two are my least fav. The only item from Soap & Glory that not suits me (I hope so). It does smell nice but it dosen't make my hair better 

There you go about my love affair with Soap & Glory....

There are a lot of beauty/fragrances  stuff I bought last month. Macam naik hantu aku membeli itu ini.. Maklumlah Christmas sales banyak gift set yang I couldn't resist ! HEHE... I promise myself I won't spent on beauty stuff again at the moment... 

To end this kerja-gila-beli-semua-beauty-stuff  I got myself a new year gift from XXX this fragrance set !

Marks & Spencer Floral Collection
Fragrance Set.

It contains Shower Cream, Beauty Soap, Hand Wash, Eau De Toilette, Hand & Body Lotion & Shower Cream....

Alhamdulillah.. macam tau-tau aje tengah mood kumpul this kind of stuff. Hiks ;p Thank you ! Tahun depan sila bagi lagi. HAHAHAH

Nota kaki : Surat cinta dari Etiqa dah dapat. So memang confirm kena puasa dari membeli this month. Sobbsss

Thank you for reading ~!

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