Wednesday, March 28

Draw Something is app-solutely addictive!


OMG this is the most fun app everrrrrrrrr! :D It's like pictionary, only without the people keep guessing 'Alien' for my drawings HAHAHAHA! It's the most popular game on the Apple Appstore now! So easy, fun and interactive too. The game is basically depicted by the name : you DRAW SOMETHING, and your opponent guesses what it is!

Anyway, here are a few of my drawings for your entertainment purposes.
Now mind you I am no brilliant doodler but that is what makes the game so much fun. lol!

My cat... Comel kan? HAHAHA

Guess who? HAHAHA. Normally aku just draw girl dengan title song...

Here goes my best draw (I guess)


It's my version of.....


So sesiapa nak tengok betapa awesome nya aku lukis sila jangan segan untuk add aku
Id: Nadea Emerald

Nota kaki : Kagum aku siapa yang lukis cantik2 tu. I just don't have the talent. Sorry. HEHE

Thank you for reading ~!

Monday, March 19

Hooray For Love

New Addiction !

Hooray for Love or also known as Love Cheer is my newest K-drama addiction ! I was on break for watching k-drama since last year. The last drama I've watched is Jewel of The Palace.. After that there's no drama that caught my attention...But now I've been watching Lie to me & City Hunter at One TV Asia again... Until recently I decide to install k-drama app in my Iphone.. So I've installed 2 apps - Viki & Crunchyroll. At first try layan Feast of the Gods at Viki.. Baru 2 episode.. Boleh laaa.. tapi sebab pelakon tak kenal tu yang lambat panas. Then go for crunchyroll.. Not that many since I'm not a member...They got only one series which is Hooray for love for non-member. So I've decided to give it a try after read the synopsis as below :

After six years of marriage... Jae Mi was tricked by her husband into signiing divorce papers. This drama is a story of her comeback after rebounding from a divorce ! Jae Mi is a perfectionist or at least tries to be one. After her father whom she was very close with had an affair, which resulted in a divorce that shattered the family, she become wary of smart men. So she married Jung Soo who was not so bright. With her strong support, Jung Soo was able to make his restaurant business a success and he couldn't have done it without Jae Mi. As their financial situations improve, her husband buy her three round-trip plane tickets to a tropical island as a wedding anniversary gift and tell her to have fun with her mom and aunt. Jae Mi had no idea that the trip was part of a plan by her husband to break up their marriage....

So yeah. I was hooked after watch the 1st episode. Little did I know that this series has 52 episodes ! Haaaa... Ingat macam series lain dalam 16-20 episodes je. Tapi peduli apa cause I've fall for this series despite their unknown actor & actress..

The poster ~!

In this poster is the Heroin, 1st hero & 2nd Hero..

Kang Jae Mi (Heroin)
She tries to be a perfectionist and believes she’s as smart as hell but she’s far from being the sharpest tool in the shed. Ten years ago her dad, whom she admired so much, had an affair and divorced her mother. The betrayal of her father had a profound effect on her relationships with men. So she ends up marrying Han Jung-soo who isn’t a great match for her. But with her help, their porridge restaurant becomes a big success. After delaying having a child due to their restaurant business, she finally decides the time is right to conceive a child. In the sixth year of their marriage, Jae-mi goes to a fertility clinic with her husband so that she can take a fertility test. Her husband surprises her with three plane tickets for her, her mother and aunt as a wedding anniversary present… She wasn’t aware that the trip to the tropical island was part of her husband’s plan to divorce her..

Pretty lady. tapi hot temper. At first aku geram sangat sebab dia tak nak cerai kan laki dia yang curang tu. Obsess sangat dengan husband dia... Sampai orang tu dah commited fraud untuk bercerai pun masih sayang.. Geram aku dengan orang macam ni !! Dah orang tak suka tu dah lah.. Haaa kan emo tak pasal-pasal. HAHAHAH

Byun Dong-Woo (1st Hero)
He is a Casanova who welcomes all women and makes sure that all the women he breaks up will continue liking him. He has chiseled looks and his family has money. He’s athletic and an accomplished pianist. With his good looks, he is committed to living as a bachelor while living off of his allowance that he gets from his mother who runs a successful hairdressing business. Enjoying a carefree life, he goes on a trip to a tropical island with his mother where he meets a woman who is quite a handful. Her name is Kang Jae-mi. Upon returning to Seoul, he encounters her again by coincidence…

womaniser ! Tapi comel gila. Haaa... Suka ah hero ni.. Melting ;) the way dia celeb birthday Jae Mi. So romantic, comel and sweet. Walaupun casanova tapi tetap baik.. Rupanya dia ni berlakon 2nd hero dalam Personal Kiss !

Han Jung-soo (2nd Hero)
Han Jung-soo is not a good man nor is he smart and capable. But he married someone smarter than himself and his wife helps him become a successful restaurant owner. But instead of staying faithful to his wife, he finds her overbearing as she relentlessly tries to be perfect in every way… As his dissatisfaction with his marriage increases, he finds himself attracted to Chae Hee-soo and soon she gets pregnant with his child. The news of her pregnancy makes him determined to divorce his wife. But he doesn’t want to hurt Jae-mi by demanding a divorce up front since he knows about her dad’s betrayal and her vow to never get divorced like her mother. So he comes up with a plan…

Handsome with his thick eyebrow ! Tapi jahat.. Bukan lah jahat. Literally.. Sanggup buat macam-macam pada Jae Mi.. Sampai nya hati.. Aku paling tak suka bila divorce, buat benda keji dekat EX ni. Emo lagi ! HAHAHAH

Kang Hyung-do
He was a good father, husband and provider. He also had a solid reputation as an esteemed surgeon but he gave that all up when he had an affair with Joo-li. When his wife divorces him, his life spirals out of control. Living with Joo-li is miserable as she is a shopaholic who rings up massive credit card bills every month. She hardly does the housework so he finds himself doing the dishes all the time. He even aged quicker and looks 10 years older than his actual age because of Joo-li. But a ray of hope appears in his life when he meets his ex-wife Jung-hee again…

Dia ni memang cool. Sejak dalam drama City Hunter lagi... I like ! Cuma dalam ni dia ni a bit coward. Takut bini.. ishhhh Btw aku suka sangat lagu latin (kot) yang ada dalam ni. Masih mencari tajuk lagu tu..

Byun Joo-Ri
Thanks to having a mother who owns a beauty salon, she entered many beauty contests where she won a Photogenic Award once. This helped her nab a job as a correspondent to a TV show. Due to her lack of talent, she doesn’t get much work in show business though. However, she believes she’s an A-list celebrity when she’s not. She relies on her mother to pay her credit card bills…

Gedik gila.. tapi menjadi.. Homewrecker.. tapi bila 1st wife nak hitting on her hubs tau pulak marah. HAHAHA. lol.

Oh Jung-hee
After divorcing her husband who had an affair, she supports her daughter Jae-mi by getting a job. She is not happy that her daughter Jae-mi married Jung-soo who is not that bright. But their marriage turns out alright as Jae-mi makes the couple’s restaurant business a success. Thinking she has nothing to worry about her daughter’s marriage, she goes on a trip with Jae-mi that was paid for by Jae-mi’s husband. But her trip is spoiled when she meets her ex-husband Hyung-do there…

Cantik.. Umur dah 40++ body tetap mantap dan suara sexy (for me) !! Suka sebab tak berdendam dengan ex-hubs.

Ni antara main cast dalam series ni.. Other than that aku suka jugak watak mak si hero ni.. HAHA very funny with her english accent- Get out now.. oh my God... Dah la suka panggil Dong wu oopa, baby ~!

The story basically revolves around Jae Mi's family... Jae Mi, her mom & aunt are divorcee... Then kebetulan pulak Jae Mi ni fall in love dengan peguam dia who is her father's bro -in-law. Haaa complicated kan? Aku pun tak tau lah apa yang jadi lepas ni sebab sekarang masih lagi di episode 22 yang mana both of them tengah crazy for each other. Ex-hubs dia pulak main taktik kotor sebab nak maju dalam business dan macam-macam lagi... Sebab tu la sampai 52 episodes sebab banyak conflict. Layan aje la dari emperatriz ada 155 episodes ! *pengsan*

Another factor that makes me fall with this series is ther OST. Catchy & best ~! Cuba dengar ni lagu INDECISIVE ... Other than that, aku jadi selalu craving porridge sebab Jae Mi dalam series ni buka restaurant jual porridge kan, so banyak scene makan.. craving woi ! HAHAHHA

All in all banyak pengajaran boleh dapat dari drama ni... Contohnya janganlah obsess sangat dengan partner sendiri. Nanti kita yang terluka bila ditinggalkan... jangan berdendam sekiranya berpisah and so much more... you have to watch it by yourself. Boleh download dari SINI atau tengok online di Mysoju. So far aku tengok dari iPhone je. HEHEHE

My rating 4/5

Nota kaki : jadi kalau aku tweet yang lovey-dovey or status dekat whatsapp & LINE tu semua sebab series ni okay. Don't get me wrong ~!

Thank you for reading ~!

Tuesday, March 13

A day with BFF


Haa tak tau nak letak title apa  sebab entry kali ni consist of 2 part - Qeisya's birthday bash & meeting with BFF. So 3 Mac 2012 hari tu aku berkesempatan pergi celebrate birthday Qeisya~ Who's Qeisya? Qeisya ni anak kawan sekolah ku.. So plan pergi party tu then nak lepak dengan BFF. Konon nak celebrate February babies. Celebrate la sangat kan. HEHE. So theme untuk party ni Pink + White + Purple. Aduhai aku takde baju yang sesuai. So pakai je apa yang ada...

Plan punya plan aku pun ke PJ jemput bestie sorang ni. Hari tu punya jam lain macam ! Semua jalan jam gila ! Aku rasa nak beli kapal terbang mengenangkan traffic jam hari tu. Dugaan betul. Nasib baik sampai je party tak start lagi. Jom tengok gambar yang ada...

Qeisya's Birthday Cake.

Birthday girl ~ Si comel Qeisya Qaisara..
Happy 1st birthday Qeisya ~! Auntie Nad doakan Qeisya membesar dengan sihat dan jadi anak yang solehah.. Amin...

Cupcake & Red Velvet..

Apam polka dot !

Comel kan?  Siap kena pakai tag lagi... Auntie Nad ;))

Qeisya with us. tak nampak pulak muka mama Qeisya. Gambar terpaksa di crop. HAHA
three of us.
Ooppss maafkan saya sebab semakin membesar. 0_o

My classmate... Dari form 3 sampai form 5 :)

Almost 7 camtu kami gerak ke Mid Valley. Sesi luahan perasaan sesama BFF. Serious talk okay. HAHAHA.. Konon nak celebrate February babies so aku pun dengan senang hati tempah mini pavlova. Disebabkan aku ni drive kereta macam hantu sikit jadi mini pavlova tu dah tak rupa pavlova. HAHAHA. Sorry guys... Tapi abaikan je la asalkan sedap rasanya kan? ^_~

Ni rupa Mini Pavlova yang sangat sedap itu sebelum hancur. HAHAHA ... My fav ! Nanti nak try bake pavlova sendiri. InsyaAllah

Konon nak celebrate birthday orang sudahnya aku yang dapat birthday present. Thank you kak monday  for the gift ~!

Serious talk with BFF.
Our 1st meeting in 2012. Our last meeting was on November 2011. Wedding kak monday dulu. So memang banyak nak catch up. Gossip panas lagi ~! HAHAHAH

Friendship means understanding, not agreeing. It means forgiveness, not forgetting. It means the memories last, even if contact is lost ♥

Nota kaki : Penyakit lupa aku semakin kronik. tua sangat ke daku? Sobbbssss

Thank you for reading ~!

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