Thursday, August 5

business lunch


yes. got a business lunch at 12pm today. but i'm not excited about it. NOT AT ALL. feels like wanna hide somewhere or maybe i should pretend that i didn't know about it. HAHA ;p common nadia, it's for free okay. who dosen't like free food? well to tell the truth it's not about free food and whatnot. it's just it will be a bit awkward to have lunch with my bosses and those bankers. i feel so small. ( memang pon jawatan kau paling kecil kat situ la nadia! ) arghhhh i just hate it. macam rasa nak masuk meeting je. oh meeting again! on 18th got a BIG meeting. i don't want to attend jugakkkk~ oh semua la aku taknak. kalau gitu quitttt je la nadia oiiii. ngee~ okay who wants to attend on behalf of me??? blerghhh

nota kaki : rasa nak lari pon yerrr~

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