Monday, August 9



i don't know what happen to me.. am i too fragile? feels like wanna cry... feels like wanna disappear from this hectic life~ to whom it may concern, your word made me feel like this ! to you it may be a small matter, but it won't work for me. it matters okay. and i hate the way you saying it. it hurts. terlajak perahu boleh undur, terlajak kata? you might say that that i'm oversensitive, and my answer is yes. when it comes to this issue I AM SENSITIVE. well i don't blame you 100% because it's true. i'm just hoping that the way you saying it would be more berlapik.... cakap berlapik. have you ever heard that?? arghhhh !!

nota kaki : kepada yang tak berkenaan jangan nak terasa okay. sebab aku tau die yang aku maksudkan ni tak baca blog aku.. die tak pernah pon baca.. saje je luah perasaan kat tempat yang die tak boleh baca... kalau die terjumpa pon blog aku ni die takkan tau yang entry ni aku tujukan untuk die.. then what's the point of this entry? ---> untuk puaskan hati sendiri ;(

Thank you for reading ~!

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