Sunday, December 28

Selamat menyambut Awal Muharam 1430H

"Dan sesiapa yang berHijrah pada jalan ALLAH (untuk membeza dan menegakkan islam), nescaya dia akan dapati di muka bumi ini tempat berHijrah yang banyak dan rezeki yang makmur dan sesiapa yang keluar dari rumahnya dengan tujuan berHijrah kepada Allah dan RasulNya, kemudian dia mati (dalam perjalanan), maka sesungguhnyatelah tetap pahala Hijrahnya di sisi ALLAH dan (ingatlah) ALLAH Maha Pengampun, lagi Maha Mengasihani"

(Surah An-Nisa : 100)

~semoga kita semua berHijrah ke arah yang lebih baik~

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lame nye x update.. sorry.. bukan busy cuma mood hilang la 2-3 hari ni.
nnti la nad update utk awal muharam & new year okey..

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Tuesday, December 23

simple steps managing stress


I got this from a friend and I guess it is worth sharing with all of you

Below are some simple steps or guidance in managing our life

Interesting.. If only we can put half of it into practice, we are half way
there to a stress-free life !!

1. Love yourself completely.
2. Live in the present.
Face life with dignity.
4. Stop waiting "until..."
5. Journal your thoughts and feelings. [this is what i am doing now ;) ]
6. Keep track of your accomplishments.
7. Set realistic and attainable goals.
8. Accept constructive criticism from others.
9. Choose your friends wisely.
10. Be honest about how you feel.
11. Ask for what you need and want.
12. Make friends with people who like themselves.
13. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
14. Emphasize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.
15. Let other people run their lives.
16. Give permission to yourself to be afraid of failure and success.
17. Develop your personal talents and skills.
18. Learn to accept what you cannot change.
19. Get proper nutrition.
20. Get sufficient rest. [i think i have more than enough! huh ]
21. Exercise regularly.
22. Stop talking about your miseries.
23. Talk about your strengths and assets.
24. Think positively.
Have fun.
Be playful.
27. Learn from children.
Do something exciting.
29. Stop blaming others for your misfortunes.
30. Take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
31. Dress in a way that feels good for you.
32. Encourage others to be the best they can be.
33. Stop assuming that others cannot get along without you.
34. Stop feeling good only when doing for others.
Do something you'd really like to do for YOU.
36. Share responsibilities. [huh? so who wants to share with me? ngee~ ]
Read a good book.
38. Listen to people.
Vary your routine. [owh.. this is what i really shoul do!]
Curl up on the couch and watch a great movie.

have a great day, everyone!

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Sunday, December 21

BWF Super Series Masters Final 2008

Date: 18-21 Dec 2008
Venue: Likas Sport Complex, Kota Kinabalu


Hari ni nak wat review psl badminton la.... alhamdulillah! happy sgt sbb today Msia shuttlers have won from 3 games out of 5! its like once in a blue moon! yerp.. nadd ni fanatik badminton! huhu

Men Single
Lee Chong Wei Vs Peter Gade (DENMARK)

finally LCW berjaya jugak menang slps aksi yg kurang consistent sejak abis OLYMPIC.. since smlm mcm terkejut tgk LCW berjaya kalahkan TAufik 21-5, 21-10.. i was like, what? senang nye?? huhu.. ye la walaupun Taufik bkn la dlm ranking yg baik BWF, tp taufik ni very determine. he usually will get whatever he wants. in fact LCW pon kalah dgn Taufik mase last match diorg [couldnt recall which tournament]. ok la LCW menang. then today.. lwn peter gade.. so far rasenye ni 1st time tgk match diorg.. sbb LCW & Gade jarang jmpe waktu final. so nadd mcm xtaw wht to expect frm this game because Gade is one of the best badminton player from Europe.. but it turned out that LCW just too good for Gade for the first set. LCW lead the game by 12-0 ok! n after that br la Gade dpt point.. so First set LCW menang, 21-8.

second set, Gade berjaya memberi tentangan pd LCW.. the game became more exciting compare to first set.. this time around Gade mcm xbagi peluang LCW utk "ayam-ayam" kan die. hehe ;)
tp LCW berjaya jugak menang game ni 21-16. wooo menang besar tu! USD 40, 000.

Men Double
Koo Kien Keat & Tan Boon Heong Vs Lee Young Dae & Jang Jae Sung ( KOREA)

well, at first nadd agak ragu2 same ade this pair boleh menang..Reaching the final in the Super Series Finals is itself an achievement for Kien Keat-Boon Heong who came in for lot of criticism for their poor show this year but ape yg boleh nadd katakan adalah, WOW!! The crowd at the Likas Sports Complex were not disappointed as the Malaysians dished out a thriller with Kien Keat-Boon Heong prevailing 21-18, 21-14. at one point KKK (koo kien keat) terbaring n boleh main n angkat sume 3 pukulan dr beregu korea, n finally got the point! how amazing is that!! that was so great ok.. pstu defend pon bagus.. overall they perform very well in this game & finally won the game.. they bring home USD42, 000.

Women Double
Wong Pei Ty & Chin Eei Hui Vs Vita Marissa & Liliyana Natsir (INDONESIA)

well, this game pon nadd agak skeptical.. sbb indonesia pnye beregu ni mmg da byk experience. boleh katakan veteran la.. tp, ntah magic agaknye main kt tmpt sndri, sume nye serba menjadi buat beregu malaysia.. first set menang 21-15, n for the second set pon menang wpun ade one time tu jantung cm berdebar gler... luckily they win.. 22-20

suka nye rase.. sbb da lame Msia x menang besar cmni.. wpon ade yg kate Msia menang sbb Team China tarik diri, but then who cares? yg penting, menang big money ok! this is the richest badminton tournament in the world! Congratulations to all the players, & let us shout MALAYSIA BOLEH. hehe ;) semangat seh...

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Thursday, December 18

tagging time!!


owh thanks to nani sbb sudi tagged nadd!!
sbb nadd xtaw nk update ape da..
hahahha ;)

Starting time:

8.15 p.m

nadia abdullah

faten -partner gadoh i !~

rmai wooo

Shoe size:
5 kekadang 4.. [nani kte same~so nad xyah type la.. heee ;) ]


Where do u live:
city of light~

Have u ever been on a plane:
nope :(

Swam in the ocean:
not really swim.. snorkeling ade la.. hee ;)

Fallen asleep at school:
ade kot.. xbrape ingt. mybe subj sejarah.. xsuke!!!

Broken someone's heart:
hurm... ade kot.. or is it my heart yg broken? hahah ;p

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call:
long time ago ade la.. i guess 5years back!

Saved emails:
ade.. mmg habit suke save segala mende.

What is your room like:
da mcm store room.. pnoh dgn sume stuff! haih

What's right beside u:
hp~digi cam~novel[twilight]

What is the last thing u ate:
roti kaya~tetibe je cm lapar..

Ever had...Chicken pox:
penah! mase form 4.. tp sket je..


Broken nose:

Do u believe in love at first sight:

Like picnics:
im lovin it~ parapaaa... ;)

Who was/were... The last person u danced with:
chicken dance consider menari la kan?? member2 D2, mase class creative thinking.. last february kot.. hahah

Last made u smile:
ntah.. gelak tgk raja lawak ade la. hahaha ;p

Today did u...Talk to someone u like:
skip. hehhe

Kissed anyone:
kucing bley x? ahaks

Get sick:
ade la food poisoning ari tu

Miss someone:
yup~damia.. hehe

Who do u really hate:
who?? xde kot...

Do u like your hand-writting:
same mcm nani.. sejak ade internet ni jrg tulis so tulisan agak buwuk. huhu

Are your toe nails painted:
xpenah.. n xmungkin!! kalo inai, sgt suke!!

Whose bed other that yours would u rather sleep in:
xde kot.. jenis ssh nk tdo

What color shirt are u wearing now:
baju kelawar~greenish..

Are u a friendly person:
friendly with people dat i comfortable with. not with strangers.. lalalla~~

Do u have any pets:
ade!! kiki,nonen~owh the list goes on... hehe ;)

Do u sleep with the TV on:
dulu2 mase kje bank.. penat sgt..

What are u doing right now:
layan tag ni la

Can u handle the truth:

Are u closer to your mother or father:
my mom~

Do u eat healthy:
owh.. of couse not!! thats why la bewat naik neh. adehhh

If u're having a bad day, who are u most likely to go to:
depends on situation.. ade la beberape org kwn..

Are u loud or quiet most of the time:
depends... kalo dgn kwn2 yg mmg best, bising! if not leh jd sgt pendiam mcm ade emas dlm mulut.

Are u confident:
nope~ni la masalah dunia i~~

5 things I was doing 10 years ago:
i was 15 at that time (1998)

-start ade boyfy.. classmate lg! haha
-jerawat naik 1 muke.. gler~ akibat gatal berkapel di waktu mude. haha
-PMR~result x memberansangkan. haih :(
-aktif nasyid.. jgn xtaw! hehe ;)

5 things I would do if I were a billionaire:
-1st thing im gonna do is set off my PTPTN loan!
-g haji... bwk 1 family lg.. amin
-invest.. regardless any type of investment. ASB,shares,trust fund,property~ u name it!!
-kawen,beli umah,kete & travel ke mane yg i suke
-menderma.... kepada yg memerlukan

5 of my bad habits:
-shopaholic~very impulsive!!
-sensitif + emotional
-makan x kunyah btol2. biase 2-3 kali pstu tewos telan..
-mandi lmbt esp weekend.. hehe ;)

5 places I've lived/living :
owh.. cm taw2 je i byk pindah randah.. org nomad la katakan.

~sungkai, perak~since lahir smpai standard 2
~muadzam shah, phg~standard 2-early form 1
~taman tasik,ampang~form 1-early form 3
~AU3, keramat~form 3-form5
~cheras indah~after SPM until now...

mangsa seterusnya:
-kak zila
-miss nur

hehe.. yg lain kalo nk buat, silakan!!

Thank you for reading ~!

Monday, December 15

what?? parental guidance??

OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets

erkkk.. can you believe that my blog is rated as PG [parental guidance]
adehhhhh.. which part yg kne guide ni?
part yg kiki delivered her kittens ke?
i thought my blog will be rating as U
hahahhaha :)
what say you?
what do you think??
find out your blog rated!!

Thank you for reading ~!

Sunday, December 14

damia solehah

*see.. i told ya.. at night she will sleep so soundly*


rindunye dkt budak kecik comeeyyy + tembam ni.. pdhal xsampai sehari pon die blk.. huhu
mane x rindu sejak 'bercuti' ni i da jd cm babysitter tlg jaga die.. btw she's my lil cousin.. my maksu stayed here, sambut raya haji bersama2 [since her husband is currently perfom hajj], baru pagi td blk ke kg. so sepanjang seminggu damia kt sini nadd tolong2 babysit die... bestnye dpt main baby kan?

hehe ;) damia was born on 17th oct. rasenye nadd ade inform dlm entry yg lepas... skang ni damia da pandai nk manja-manja. during daytime die asyik nangis, ssh nak tido. asyik nak suruh org dukung je.. dukung die sambil jalan ok. kalo dukung & duduk, sure die nangis jugak. mengada kan? tp comellll.. heee ;) layan je la.... tp serious disebabkan ketembanan si damia, nadd agak kesemputan jugak nk dukung die... nasib baik adik2 nadd yg lain pon mmg sume suke baby.. so take turn dukung damia.. butt at night she will sleep so soundly.... gewam nyerr!! da lame xde baby dlm family nadd.. so tu yg cam teruja bile damia lahir... bile la dpt jmpe damia lg ni.. isk :(

*ni mase nk pergi tesco.. tu yg interframe tu aiman.. abg kepda damia la*

*mama & damia.. kt tesco.. sume org ingt ni cucu. haha ;) sian mama... *

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Wednesday, December 10

bittersweet [ july 08-dec 08 ]

yuhuuuu!! ari ni first day lepaks2 kt umah.. bgn lmbt.. relax2.. best2. tp sure kejap je rase best.. xlame lg mula la rasa bosan laks. hehe ;)
typical la kan.. bile kje kte nk sgtttt cuti, but once da cuti nk sgt kje.. huhu
actually xde cite ape pon.. cume juz nk update sket psl smlm.. mase salam2 smlm, tetibe ade sorg staff tu tnye, da dpt ke mug.. i said not yet.. then die bg.. owh no! at least ade gak kenangan dr office.. hehe.. :)
wpun hanya mug, tp ttp berharga..
till then...

Thank you for reading ~!

Tuesday, December 9

last day!!


heee ;) saje nk update utk kali terakhir dr ofis..
yerp... today is my last day here.. sedeh? not at all... liar!! heh.. of cos la ade rase sedeh tu.. tp xbyk pon since i dnt feel that i belong here... yeah... wpun kt sni da almost 6 months tp still rase mcm i ni stranger kt sni.. haha ape la cik nadd ni.. ssh btol nk get along n mingle dgn org baru.. wpun nmpk cm ala2 peramah & cpt mesra di alam maya tp hakikat nye cik nadd ni sgt le ssh nk mesra dgn org yg br kenal.. even da lme kenal pon lom tentu leh mesra kalo i xcomfortable.. xcaya tnye sesape yg kenal cik nadd secara realiti.. pnah org label kan cik nadd ni sombong mase kt uni dlu.. huhu... ye ke? mule2 je nmpk cmtu kot.. lame2 knal mulut i ni xbhenti ckp taw! eh ape plak melalut smpai sni?? hehe.. later blk umah nadd update dgn pic kt ofis k...

okeh2 enuff la utk entry kali ni sbb buat dr ofis.. wpun sbnrnye da xde kje nih... jap g i nk g bursa tmn boss.. pstu relax2, settle kn filing, finalize my work, then its time to off!! good bye!!weweeeeee

nota kaki: yerp.. cik nadd akan memegang title jobless at the moment starting frm tomorrow.. :( huh.. tgh tnggu mgt call for intebiu nih... adehhh.. lame nye..! best sbb akhirnye cuti lame sket. cume xbest sbb fulus xbyk nk enjoy2. haha ;)

Thank you for reading ~!

Sunday, December 7

salam aidil adha


selamat menyambut hari raya adiladha buat semua
mari lah kita hayati segala pengorbanan yg telah kita lakukan

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Friday, December 5

oh nonen!

*comey kan nonen tdo. hehe ;) *

hari ni nk bercerita psl kucing.. yerp.. i ni cat lover!! :) smlm (dec, 4) blk kje je tgk nonen lain mcm da... lemah... xleh berjalan.. panggil pon xde response.. biase nonen sgt manja!! btw sbnrnye name die oren, then lelame jd nonen. hehe ;) pstu i pon cek kt bdn nonen.. knape la die ni... then bile nk pegang pewot die, die cm jerit saket.. tgk2 ade cm ketulan laks. owh my.. mase ni risau ya amat.. ckp kt my mom, mama kate takot cancer. heh.. mase tu da mcm2 la pk.. isk :(
cmne ni? klinik kerajaan da tutup.. kalo esk nk pegi xde kete laks sbb 1 kete rosak slps adik nad langgar lembu. [yg pegi langgar lembu nape...adoiii!] pstu mama kate pegi je la klinik swasta.. sbb nonen cm da lemah sgt.. ekor die pon da xgerak.. stlh fikir pnye fikir, okey la. xpe la byr lebey sket asal nonen sehat...

*nonen & her kittens*

so dlm kul 7.30pm gerak g klinik.. ni first time bwk nonen naik kete.. die mcm anxious la.. sbb xpnah kan.. tp cume mate je melilau2.. slalu nye kucing kalo bwk naik kete mesti da ronta2 but since nonen nye condition not dat good so die cm tgk2 je.. mase tu nad da stat nanges!! hehe ;)
xleh nk bygkan btape lemah nye nonen mase tu. dlm kpala ni da pk mcm2.. nonen ni kirenye kucing kesayangan nad slps kiki gemokk tu. huhu

*ni br pas nanges.. sowie muke sememeh. hehe ;) nonen tgh tdo mase ni*

mule2 pegi klinik dkt ampang point, skali tutup.. isk.. called mama.. then mama kate g klinik dkt area leisure mall laks. so we went there la.. fisrt time ni nad bwk kucing g klinik. biasa mama yg bwk. neves gaks la... then isi sume form, while waiting nonen nmpk mcm takut. ye la tetibe ade rmai org, then de byk anjing la. die cm shock sbb xfamiliar ngan tmpt ni.. owh btw nad xbwk cage. nad dukung je nonen ni.. die kecik jek.. xmcm kiki gemokkk. hehe ;)

xlame tu masuk la.. mule2 cek suhu dulu.. suhu nonen tnggi la. lebih dr paras normal.. doc check n doc kate sbnrnye die pnye breast da bengkak sbb susu xleh kuar. [nonen br je jd ibu kucing pd 5nov yg lps] n mybe ade infection sbb ade 1 part tu da bruise agak terok.. mae doc picit2 kt area tu , nonen jerit2 la.. die saket.. isk.. sedeh je tgk.. then doc pon inject n bg antibiotik.. so skang ni nonen xleh nyusukan anak die... according to the doc kalo still xelok dlm mase 1-2 hari, nonen kne dtg blk klinik n stay kt sni. OMG!! harap2 okey la... sbb kalo tngl kt situ brape plak kene byr.. pegi kali ni jek da rm88. haih :( but then nonen pnye kesihatan lg penting. sbb berdosa kalo owner xjaga binatang peliharaan dgn sebaik nye..

lgpon xsanggup la nk kehilangan nonen
mlm td the whole night nonen tdo dgn nad.. die mmg lemah.. tp luckily pas bg makan die cm ade tenaga... pnggil pon die pndang.. lega sket.. cume pg td bile nad tgh siap2 nk g kje, anak2 nonen nanges nk susu.. die boleh bgn nk bg susu pdhal die xsembuh lg.. aduhhh touching nye!! saket2 cmtu die still nk nyusukan anak.. tp nad xbg sbb doc kate mmg xbleh susukan anak. isk :(
serba salah di buatnye.

harapnye adik2 nad jaga nonen ari ni dgn baik.. make sure nonen mkn sume ubat n take a good rest... cpt la berjalan wahai mase! xsabar nk blk nk tgk nonen.. huhu

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Tuesday, December 2

Agungnye ciptaan TUHAN...


lihatlah dunia..betapa besarnye kuasa ALLAH s.w.t
bulan pon boleh tersenyum :)
SUBHANALLAH.. sangat indah ciptaan Tuhan ini...!!

*nota kaki: wahai ♥ senyum la seperti bulan ni.. walau ape yg terjadi... eceh jiwang la plaks! heh ;)

Thank you for reading ~!

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