Sunday, March 23

wanted but.....

.. rite now a song from white plain t's called- let me take u there keep on playing in my mind.

finally i manage to jot
something in here. it has been more than 2weeks i wanted to post new entry but days are too busy plus wif my laziness.. muahhaha ;]
so i shall summarise all dat into 1 entry only. shall i?? hehe :)
i wanna share about how careful i am on my exam day, how weird we were went to cosmic bowl by wearing
bj kurung..
then i wanna share bout my journey to
SYiQI's wedding but i fell sick the day after.
the worst fever i ever had beside
dengue. i entitled for 3days mc which explain how bad my fever was. went to clinic twice n been charged for almost RM90. perghhh!!
in fact im not fully recovered yet. still cough n flu which really makes me uncomfortable.
hurm.. but then after too many times delayed, i become so lazy n out of mood to share about it. typical me la.

Thank you for reading ~!

Saturday, March 8


hurm.. i caught a flu today which makes me feel uncomfortable. :( it's really bothering me. but what makes me disappointed is msian shuttlers lost in all England today. huhu.. i prefer not to say bout it futher. i guess dats all fur today. really not in d mood to share yet still wanna blogging. hihi :))

Thank you for reading ~!

Friday, March 7


hurm.. today sumthing happen which makes me feel so bad.. here it goes.. since my exam is juz around d corner so today is self study which mean no more lectures. so we were scattered everywhere but my classmates comfortable seated at our class. so yeah we were there stdy, chitchatting n so on.. of cos la me xstdy mane. gelak n borak je lebey. hahaha :) then one of my classmate gatal tgn bkk my hp. at dat time i main game kt hp my fwen lg sorg. so i didnt knw wht he was doing with my hp until i realize dat he browsing my pictures. actually there are 2 folders in my hp. camera album consist all my pics taken by my hp itself n folder called pictures consist of all pictures frm others. in d pictures folders there is one of my sexy pic. hehe :) me suke amik gambo sndiri anytime,anywhere.. i didnt expect dat anyone frm my class esp man, will explore my hp. n then yeah.. he saw dat pic. which makes me feel so bad... i dunno how to describe. but i feel so terribly sad until i cry. :( i cannot stand anymore. :((

im in d middle deleting/transferring all my free hair/sexy piccies to my laptop. no more incident like dis perhaps. i feel so ashamed n totally frustrated wht had happen today. hurm :(

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Sunday, March 2

typical me

yeah.. juz like i mentioned b4. i'm such a lousy blogger.. fur the 1st week im so eager, i kinda post new entry every now n then. but after a while im getting so lazy in doing so.. but yeah i manage to overcome dat today.. yuuuhuuuuu!!!

actually i have lotsa to put in here.. but my mind kinda stuck. hurm.. last week i had creative thinking skill workshop. our trainer is NICK. i enjoyed myself to the fullest during d workshop. i juz love d class so much. each n every one in d class so supportive towards each other.. wish d moments will last forever.. hehe :) yeah.. i'd learnt so much frm nick. esp new dance. chicken dance!! yeah.. it was hillarious.. u guys shud try it.. then, i discovered what type of person i am.. even i already know frm d beginning. but after attending d workshop its become more clear.. juz like crystal clear... poyo ah! wheee~~ nick gave us so much tips on how to become more positive.. n i already practice sum of d tips.. no more negative thinking.. it works. i become more happy n confident. my confident level increase! alhamdulillah.. hopefully in every class i can stand n shout out my opininon. without juz sitting n wishing dat my name is not being called. hehe :)

okeh guys. i think dis post too long la. so im gonna stop here. will update later.

me n cheah try to be creative. heee =D

me n NICK

Thank you for reading ~!

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