Sunday, September 28

salam aidilfitri

selamat menyambut lebaran buat semua

ampun maaf segala salah & silap


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Saturday, September 27

raya! raya! raya!

faten*boboy*nad~raya 2007

faten*nad~raya 2006

salam y' all...
here's some update about raya! yeay ;)

Cuti raya

hoho. NAD kan tgh training skarang, so not entitled la for annual leave. Butt mgt has been so kind toward us, bg gak leave on 3rd raya tuh.. alhamdulillah. Yeay! So NAD akn pulang beraya pd mlm raya.. *xsabar*

baju raya

so far 2 psg ade kt tailor.. bile la nk siap? Hhuhu.. then ade sepasang last year pnye baju xpkai lg.. so altogether 3 psg la. Tp mane taw kan tmbh jd 4 psg ke pas ni.. *nk bodek mama esok*

kuih raya

since dok umah ni , xpenah buat. Sume kuih tunjuk je.. heheh. Dulu mase zmn sek biase buat kuih Mazola.. hurmm yummylicious! *mouth watering* masa tu slalu compete dgn arwah cousin (NAIM SHAH) sape pnye kuih abis dulu tetamu mkn. Die (arwah) buat kek batik. Sah2 la kek batik abis dlu kan? Huhu. Rindunye moment tuh.. pastu bile abis sek blaja plak wat almond London. Pdhal NAD xsuke kuih nitp adik2 suke so buat la. But now sume da lupe cmne nk wat, brape sukatan, sbb da lame xwat. Heeee ;)

kad raya

dulu2 (smpai 2006) NAD mmg rajin bg kad raya. Rajin sgt2. smpai budget utk kad raya mmg byk.. pastu ari2 tgk postbox kot2 ade org reply. But mostly yg reply xsmpai separuh pun. *sedeh* but since last year no more kad raya… last year NAD kje kt cimb ari2 blk kul 8.30. so xsmpt nk pk psl kad raya. This year wpun blk awl, tp ntah xde rase nk bg laks thn ni.. wpun xbg NAD dpt gak 2 kad raya thn ni dr IBBM n feeza(goodbargain) => pndai feeza ni bodek customer bg kad raya taw! Heheheh ;)

duit raya

dr last year da stat bg duit raya. Ala bagi kt dak2 kecik, adik2, parents, makcik,pakcik n opah je. Tp bg pn bkn la masyuk sgt. Ckp2 je. Hehehe xpe la asal kan bg kan… ;)

tu je la.. so korg cmne plak??

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Tuesday, September 23

new kittens ( part 2 )

Last night kiki had delivered four cutie kittens. So tomeyyy I tell u! They are blacks which undoubtedly not kiki’s fur color. Perhaps they got it after their father which I don’t even know which one. Hehehe but they certainly got some of kiki’s features- pink nose and short tail. This is the 4th times kiki had delivered kittens but none of her kittens alive so far. So I do really hope this time around those cutie kittens will stay alive. It was such a relief; because all this while I’ve been wondering when kiki going to “meletop” as Eid is 7 days away. Sbb nnti xbleh bwk die blk kg. :(

A few days before kiki already gave us signals that she’s going to have her kittens soon. She has started searching for the right place to deliver her kittens, under the bed, in the closet and even in the drawer. So I thought last night was one of her tactic to go into my mom’s room (she has spotted one port in mom’s room) when she ‘ngiau’. But I sensed that it was different. She’s not even ‘ngiau’ but she kept followed me n my bro whenever we go. Based on my experience, I knew exactly that she’s going to have her kittens shortly. Me da mcm org giler, panic where I should put her. Mom had prepared a place (kotak la) for her but it was in mom’s car, n mom was not there at that time. Very the ‘kelam kabut’ situation. I felt sad as well because she kept ‘ngiau’ n I noticed that her belly contraction (like when we as a human wants go give birth, kan pewut contraction kan?). It is exactly like us human... So I just ‘urut2’ die... I can feel that she’s under serious pain which I can’t stand anymore. X sanggup nk tgk kiki dlm kesakitan. Eceh! So me pun pass kan tugas menyambut kelahiran itu kepada faten (my lil sis) as b4 ni pun die gak yg smbut. Me juz tlg sediakan tempat jek. Hehe ; ) B4 I off to bed there’s only 2 kittens but I believe there are more to come. Sbb pewut kiki sgt b00lat n besar taw. N this morning when I wake up for sahur, yeah, I was right! Altogether there are 4 cutie kittens. Heeee ;) I’m happy… those cutie kittens are nameless at the moment but will figure it out soon. Anyone ade idea?? sumthing like tomeeyyyy n short la..

mari tgk gamba kiki & her kittens

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Tuesday, September 16

opinion needed!

salam n hello gentle readers

i juz wanna seek ur opinion. i fall in love with this new layout. ;)

so which one better guys? the one that i have now or dis flowery layout?

hoho. im so indecisive now. cant think which one is the besssttttt. i love the one that i have now but this flowery layout really caught my attention! *sigh*

this is my new layout for my personal blog. but i think i wanna put it in here. what do u think?
ok im done for today.

*owh.. my lappy da ok.. my pink dell notebook saje nk bermanje je kot mase wat hal tuh. thanks lini for ur concern!*

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Sunday, September 14

sedeh :(

sedey nye.. tetibe lappie wat hal.
cannot start
xtaw whts wrong.. NAD da la xtaw sgt psl computer ni

*kwn2 sape taw psl computer?? huhu

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Friday, September 12



rase nk update sgt.. xbleh tahan daa! hehe ;) kt luar angin sepoi2.. best je.. ;)
owh nk cite psl snatchers. td pas berbuke, btol2 dpn mate adik NAD, faten, 1 kejadian ragut berlaku. it did happen again nearby my house! kali ni the victim br nak keluar dr kete, but too bad! the snatchers already there. waiting for her! according to faten, there are 2 riders. yeah.. so altogether 4 ppls get involved. so sad. diorg ni xde ati perut ke??

lemme share one story. it did happen to me 4 years ago. i was being snatched right in front of my house. only a few steps before i reach my house la to be exact. it was totally a nightmare! it happen during raya. i juz came back frm my fwen's house. as usual me jln lenggang lenggok. ye la pkai baju kurung kan. mane bleh jln laju2. but it was my fault too. hehe.. becoz NAD jln smbil baca magazine. so i was quite engrossed la.. sronok bace magazine. couldnt recall either CLEO or EH! but i didnt expect that going to happen. ye la, NAD jln dkt dgn padang which rmai guys play football (5.30pm), then, dpn umah NAD masjid, and the road wasn't empty. there are a few people here n there. ye la ptg ahad kan. sume org ade kt umah la. the snatchers came from the opposite n grabbed my handbag. but too bad! i fought back! ye, NAD tarik balik handbag tu. in the end, me kne seret for a few metres i guess. it happen too sudden so i didnt scream or shout. i was kinda shocked. but there is a witness,my neighboor. he saw it but he just stand still. nobody help me. pity me. huhu. :( why i pulled back my handbag? it is not so much about the handbag as i wasnt carry a GUESS or any designer label handbag, but what was in it.

  • cash-almost RM200 ( sbb br dpt PTPTN. hehe )
  • my handphone. NOKIA 6510 ( ye ke? haha. xingt. but yg kecik2 n screen kaler turqoise tu)
  • mase tu br top up. prepaid RM100
  • kad metriks
  • ic, license
so mase tu mmg xfikir ape dah. fikir nk dpt balik handbag tu je. nasib baik dpt blk. but me suffered minor injury. baju kurung koyak rabak. n my palm luke, my waist. even until now the scar is there. ade lg ni ha.. bile da masuk rumah br la ayah taw yg NAD kne ragut. sume br nk kecoh2. mase tu br rase saket. da la mase tu tgh ade krisis dgn bf. so the pain is double! pegi klinik dpt mc tp kne balik ke uni jugak. mase tu NAD wat diploma kt Uitm Jengka. since luke tu masih bleeding, so NAD xbleh pkai jeans. xpsl2 blk Jengka pkai baju kurung. huhu. n bile blk Jengka lak, tewus break off dgn bf. adoiiiiii..

so bile td tgk kejadian ragut tu tewus rasa sedey. kenapa la ade manusia sanggup wat mcm tu? di bln puase plak tu. i guess tu mesti org sni jugak. maybe da lame diorg usha the victim so they know what to do. tp nasib baik la xde injured or ape2 td.

moral of the story, jgn likut ape yg NAD lakukan. i was so lucky tho! sbb lps tu byk kuar paper psl ragut, sume teruk2. ade yg smpai meninggal. nauzubilah. kalo ade peragut, let it be. its not worth ok. brg2 sume bley dpt blk, tp bkn nyawa.

*juz a qucik note to myself. lps ni kne extra careful n carry handbag sblh kiri.

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Thursday, September 11

i dream my dreams

Salam y’all…

Lately NAD rajin mem’blog’kan diri.. u know what ni da 3rd time I draft taw.. 2 drafts before ni sume xjd.. hahaha..

Actually nothing interesting.. just wanna share part of my dreams.. yeah PART of it. Not ALL ye.. hee ;)
Since my childhood time I always dream to go oversea.. dlu2 berangan la nk further study disqualified so wht to do kan.. haha ;)
But now, as I grow older I’m no longer dreaming of it…oopppsss mark my word! I’m no longer dreaming of further study oversea.. BUT still berangan nk g oversea, this time, nk BEKERJA plak.. yeah… bkn ape, nawaitu utk wat master mmg ade… but then when I think how much loan I have to pay, hurm.. forget it la! Baik NAD settle kan dulu PTPTN ni.. alhamdullilah since I graduated I x pernah missed byr.. more than Rm2k I’ve paid. Ye la. Xtahan tgk admin cost tu increasing taw. U know what the admin cost is compounding! I bet for those who study in finance would know how much it will cost if we delay our payment. So its better to start from now even bayar sikit pn cukup. Lor.. ape plak melalut psl PTPTN lak ni.. hehe

Back to the track.. yup.. NAD skarang tgh berangan nk berkerja kt oversea preferably in middle east.. before ni memang nk g oversea tp slalu brangan g uk ke, us ke.. xpernah terlintas pn nk g middle east. Tp sejak NAD blaja psl Islamic Banking early of this year, then I’ve second thoughts, I would prefer middle east rather than west.. tp kalo ade offer bley consider lg. heh! Even now I attach with non-islamic bank, but I still waiting for the opportunity to come. Who knows.. next year really gonna b my year. Tmbah plak one of my besties br je pegi ke UAE last week. Die contract kt sane for 2 years. Phew! Envy taw! Tp xpe tu rezeki die. Well I’m happy for her.. go farah!

Tp kan kwn2.. kalo la NAD dpt peluang tu, NAD ttp reluctant. Plak dah! Bkn ape, family bleh lg contact kan. Tp cmne dgn kucing? NAD xbley nk imagine skang cmne life without them.. without kiki,nonen,leo,baby & tom. Owh my my my… whenever I think of them, it makes me feel sad.. even nk raya ni kan, NAD risau je.. 2 years back we used to bwk skali kucing blk kg… tp now xbleh da. Sbb dis raya pun NAD xtaw lg raya mane. Huhu. Nnti NAD share eh experience bwk kucing blk raya…~~

Okey la… tu je yg NAD nk share for today.. kalo korg ade nk komen ke ape ke, jgn segan2 k… happy fasting guys..

*kiki kesayanganku ;) *

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Wednesday, September 10

i've been tagged

"Marilah kita merapatkan silaturrahim dibulan Ramadhan"

Here's are the rule yang kena ikut untuk tagged ni:-

Copy gambar kat atas tu and post kat blog korang ..

Teruskan mencari mangsa seramai 5 org..(nak lebih pun takpe)

Setelah mengenalpasti mangsa yg sesuai, sila tinggalkan pesanan di blog mereka senangkan??

i've been tagged by eira. thanks dear!

salam ramadhan guys.. happy fasting

semoga ramadhan kali ni bwk sejuta rahmat buat kite sekeluarga


next victim.. heee ;)

  1. lini-of coz la ko kne!
  2. yaya-kalo xbz la..
  3. c00llien ;)
  4. nani-hope xbz la.
  5. zatty

heeee ;)
ni plak utk segmen award.
sori lini. it took me sumtime to repost it. i kinda bz, lazy..phew! me such a lazy bump!

thanks dear for awarded me!

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Monday, September 8

counting the days

4 days to go!!!

can't wait

*hugeeee grin*

the most anticipated moment!

my heart beat faster. owh no. i'm restless. lalalalala~~

*kalo sebenarnye saya kate xde ape2 pon cmne? bengang x? hahaha. ;) nah! ade la.. cume xsesuwai utk bgtau umum. 18pl ni. ;)

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Thursday, September 4

renungan bersama #01


Maryam, guru kelas Tadika menganjurkan satu permainan yang sungguh menarik untuk murid-muridnya. Setiap murid diminta membawa beg plastik yang berisi pisang yang tertulis nama orang yang paling mereka benci ke kelas pada esok hari. Jadi, jumlah pisang yang perlu dibawa bergantung kepada jumlah orang yang dibenci.

Keesokan harinya, setiap murid membawa beg plastic berisi pisang masing-masing. Ada yang membawa tiga biji, ada juga lima biji dan paling banyak lapan biji. Semuanya sudah ditulis nama orang yang paling mereka benci.

"Sekarang simpan pisang tu. Jangan lupa bawa ke mana sahaja kamu pergi selama seminggu. Inilah permainannya. Selepas seminggu, kita akan tahu keputusannya" beritahu Cikgu Maryam.

Kanak-kanak tersebut menyimpan pisang masing-masing di dalam beg. Hari demi hari berlalu, pisang tersebut mula berbintik-bintik dan akhirnya menjadi busuk . Kanak-kanak itu mula merungutdan marah. Mereka tidak menyukai permainan itu lagi kerana selain beg berat, badan berbau busuk. Ada yang menangis, enggan meneruskan permainan.

Seminggu berlalu, pagi-pagi lagi murid-murid Maryam sudah bersorak. Permainan sudah tamat. Tidak ada lagi beban dan bau busuk yang perlu dibawa.

"Okey semua, apa rasanya bawa pisang dalam beg ke sana ke mari selama seminggu?" tanya Cikgu Mayam.

Semuanya serentak mengatakan mereka benci permainan itu. Mereka hilang kawan, sering diejek dan terpinggir. Lebih teruk lagi, terpaksa tidur, makan, mandi, bermain dan menonton TV dengan bau busuk.

"Itulah sebenarnya yang berlaku kalau kita simpan perasaan benci pada orang lain dalam hati. Bau busuk kebencian itu akan mencemari hati dan kita akan membawanya ke mana saja kita pergi. Jika kamu sendiri tidak boleh tahan dengan bau pisang busuk hanya untuk seminggu, cuba bayangkan apa akan jadi kalau kamu simpan kebencian sepanjang hidup kamu" beritahu Cikgu Maryam.

Maryam mengingatkan anak muridnya supaya membuang jauh-jauh perasaan benci daripada membebani hidup. Kemaafan adalah yang terbaik. Menyayangi lebih baik darpada membenci…!


Thank you for reading ~!

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