Sunday, November 23

It's been a year

Reminiscing back when I was in London exactly a year ago.. How I missed London ! Among 3 cities that I have been (London, Freiburg & Amsterdam) I felt London very close to my heart.. 

Marble Arch, Oxford St, London

When we're going to meet again L O N D O N ?

Nota kaki: Entry pasal trip to Europe pun baru part 1 je.. HAHHAHA.. Ada ke yang nak baca lagi ntah?

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Friday, November 14

So called little secret


I've been married to the love of my life for almost a month now... Been meaning to share the bridezilla moment along the way but due to my DPA course that I attended early this year, so yeah that's literally explain why I didn't share... I don't have ample time to do the prep let alone to blog about it.. Sigh.. However it's all in the past.. What matter now I am a wife already... I will share and do some review (kalau rajin) about my wedding day later as I still have one more reception (my hubby side) next week ! Till then :))

Nota kaki : Am worried I can't fit into my wedding dress next week... blerghhhhhh !!

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Thursday, November 6

Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream


Hi you alls... I'm back with some review... It's been an ages since I've done any review kan.. I was away for the past 7 months.. That's literally explain why I'm on hiatus...

Ok back to this review... Oh my GUCCI !! I super love this NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (NYX SMLC).. No wonder it become hype now... Have I told you that I'm into lippie stuff and matte lipstick nowadays? And did I mention that I've bought my 1st ever  SMLC way back in 2011 ? I still remember cause I've instagrammed it as soon as I received the  SMLC... It's just I don't really recall what code I purchase back then. Probably the nude one since I don't like it on my lips at that time. Tak cantik dipakai since I have dry & chappy lips. So what makes me wanna repurchase this  SMLC? Because I found the  SMLC 2 weeks ago when I did my spring cleaning (read: I'm a Mrs. now. Teehee). Then all of sudden I wanna have it so baddddddd... I even spent hours look at IG searching for IG sellers that might have this authentic and original  SMLC in stock.. So yeah that's about it..

So, yesterday I received my  SMLC in Ibiza (code17). I super love the color.. It's matte and very lightweight. As if you didn't put any lipstick on your lips. It has great pigmentation, smell amazing (like vanilla), dry to a matte finish, stay on for an  average of 5-6 hours without fading, and the best part ? It's doesn't burn a hole in your wallet ! Price ranging from RM24- RM26 exc postage.. Sephora sells it at RM26.. So choose wisely girls. Beware of fake product too.. I don't understand drugstore brand pun ada knock out products? shessshhh

Before I went to Office

Right after I arrived at office
After I had my breakfast

Various colors to choose from ! From nude hues, to pink hues and bright hues...

Code name after big city all around the world ! At the moment I already have Ibiza, Prague & Addis Ababa. Planning to get Milan, Antwerp & Sao Paulo

Nota kaki: I'm going to sell NYX product soon ! If you interested just drop a comment... TQ

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Monday, November 3

Gerbera daisy


It's been a while... Now am back on track. Please expect more updates soon... As for now take a look at these beautiful flower called gerbera daisy. 


They are beautiful. Aren't they? FYI, these pic was taken using my new ip6 at Cameron Highland... I'm in love with ip6 camera features...

Nota kaki: Dah bertukar status.. Alhamdulillah.. nanti update ok
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