Wednesday, July 30

to birthday girl, yaya

this entry special dedicated to
lil sista, ALIAA FARHANA a.k.a YAYA
may GOD bless y0u
may this year bring u m0re j0y & happiness

Thank you for reading ~!

Saturday, July 26


haha.. since came back frm obs, i can't think straight. my mind is not functioning well i guess. for example today, i went to the knot's engagement at kepong. i shud take star n putra to kl sentral instead of ktm which is so slow juz like siput. but why i took ktm? i seriously dunno. i realize that i have done such a silly mistake right after wawa called me. why? why? why?? the journey suppose to be less than 30min but it took me more than 1 hour to reach kl sentral. that's explain how blur i am.. dlm kepala still terbayang2 xtvt dkt obs.. xsangka effect smpai ke ari ni. agaggaga ;p

oh yea, speaking about obs i still didnt get pictures frm others. so i'll post entry bout that maybe a bit late la. alrite bebeh..
gotta go

selamat bertunang ILA NADIA a.k.a KNOT =)

i got the ob spirit up in my head, deep in my heart,down in my knees & all over me ;)

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Tuesday, July 22

i'm back

hello guys...

here i am. in my room, in front of my lappie.. after 10days away to teluk batik. actually saya xde mood nk blogging skarang. my mind stuck wit all memories in obs. it keep on circulating in my mind wht i've done for the past 10days. i cant focus. obviously i had a blast time there. kalo boleh nk join 2nd group yg pegi esk. really, i mean it! sgt2 best. tarikan nye memanggil2. hahahhaha ;p

enough la for today. nnti la bile da ok, my emotion da stabil then i'll share wit u all wht had happen together with all d piccies. coz rite now still in process collect all d piccies frm others.


Thank you for reading ~!

Friday, July 11

a w a y

-a w a y-

from: 12th july-21st july, 2008
to: teluk batik, lumut
for: OBS (outward bound school)

p/s: gonna mish u all guys, very nice bloggers n my cats, lappie and all la. huhu

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Sunday, July 6

im craving for.....


&& this

what i'm waiting for?
im waiting for the price to reduce further...
haha.. yes. right now it still rm74.90 (remember me) & rm69.90 (thanks for the memories)
price of these two bestseller books will reduce up to rm35.90, but i have to wait la.

rmai org tnye bile mase ko bace buku ni? tau je la i ni kan career woman. wah gitu! haha. i read all these books while im in the train. ye la. everyday naik lrt pegi keje. so dr berdiri smbil xwat ape2 baik lah kite membace kan? membaca kan amalan yg mulia. hehe ;)
so far every mth i manage to grab at least one book. depends la. n for this mth i havnt grab any yet as i still have one book to finish.
so far sy da ade byk collcetion ni. my fav author is
sophie kinsella, cecelia ahern & carole matthews. nanti bile sy rajin & ade mase sy upload pics koleksi sy ok? for now sy sgt mls la. hehe.. ok tu je yg nk share. so anyone wanna buy for me these two books?


Thank you for reading ~!

Saturday, July 5


heee finally! oooppsss.. lupe.

today was my 4th day at jpmc. so far so good. :)
n for the 1st time i was assigned with task. even the simple one.
oh ya, i'm in compliance dept.
it is definitely not my area. but i've to take this challenge.
even at first i feel down.
i keep asking why they put me here instead of trade finance/corporate finance?
but then i realize we dont usually get what we want.
so be thankful for what we have! huhu.. so here i am... :))

n today is first gathering after 4 days not together wif my besties :) haha.
mcm lame sgt je xjmpe!
we went to time square (sbb dkt dgn my ofis. even diorg sume dkt ngan klcc ).
we were there sharing our moments n litle experience, watching WANTED n have dinner together.
Oh my godness, i love those moments.
but we never know when we will have such opportunity...

* i missed these people, this place n those moments! :( *

*owh ya.. its kinda reminder for me. im gonna be away for 10 days to lumut starting this 12th july. gonna miss all my bloggers peeps!


Thank you for reading ~!

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