Wednesday, August 3

Miss Tangerine Soda Tint

Assalammualaikum ...

I did some shopping for the past month. I was looking for a lipgloss actually since I'm not really a fan of lisptick . Tapi dah alang-alang cari lipgloss nak jugak la cari lipstick baru. HEHE.  Plus the one that I have now its matte so I can't use it as my lip is dry. Sob sob. Buruk okay bila bibir kering guna lipstick jenis matte. T__T

So I went to my favourite cosmetic brand, Etude House ! Misi mencari lipstick pun bermula. Selepas cuba bermacam-macam jenis lipstick, I chose this tint eventually. Yeay ! It comes with 2 different shades. I picked the cranberry one. Suka sangat sebab when applied to my lips, it is a bright red/pink that has pretty great lasting power and I was surprised  I went through a meal and my lips still had that bright pink/red tint. Best kan? Tak payah la risau nak touch up balik. Walaupun aku memang tak pernah touch up pun selama ni. Aku ni jenis pakai make up sekali je sehari. Other than that this tint does feel a little drying on it's own, so its best to wear something over it like a lip-balm/gloss. So yeah I did purchase a lip gloss to match with it. Memang itu pun tujuan asal kan. Hee ;p Another good point is they are not packaged like your typical stain in a marker form. It comes in a tube with a doe-foot applicator shaped with a hole in the middle and the stain itself is separated into two layers so you shake it up before use. Easy peasy !

So now me no need to worry about my dry lip. I just use this tint and wear it with my new lipgloss and tada...  I'm done !!  I'm lovin it !

i ♥ it!

Nota kaki : Nak ke tak nak share pasal kelas solekan yang aku attend hari tu eh?? lalalala ~

Thank you for reading ~!

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