Saturday, August 6

12 : 30 - my current relationship


So today's challenge is to talk about my status.
Yes. I am single. I don’t mind being single really. As I have free time for myself and to hang with friends. I don’t have to worry about calling or texting someone, whatnot. I also don’t have to feel jealous or feel threaten that other people might steal “my man”. HAHA. I actually found that being alone taught me a thing or two.

The only thing I find to be the worst about being single is not having anyone to tell your happy/sad news to.  Other than that I have no problem stay single. HEHE.

But I won't deny the fact that I still need a partner. A lifetime partner. I believe that I'll find him..... SOON !!! 101112 perhaps? ♥

But at the moment I would say that my status is

Image googled

 Nota kaki : When someone asks:”Why are you single?” just say, I’m in a long distance relationship. My boyfriend lives in the Future. Boleh tak? LOL

Thank you for reading ~!

2 thought(s):

dillahuman said... Reply To This Comment

tell them the right MAN is currently setting up the empire to ensure u'll be having good life aheads together happily!
No worries of being single, spend the time wisely when u r still single perhaps u might gonna miss it babe!
PRay for you!! xoxo

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment


aauuuwww thank you kak monday ;))
takpe lepas u nanti i menyusul.. HAHA

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