Sunday, January 16

Uncomfortable soul

I guess there's just a point in your life where you just have to accept that not everything you wished or hoped for will come true. A time when you just have to gather up the courage to let it go and entrust everything to GOD, knowing He won't allow you to be in situations of pain for the sake of hurting. But for the sake of learning. One day we will truly understand that He knows us more than we know ourselves. That even when we feel alone and misunderstood, and even sometimes unloved and used. there's that one person who knows all our flaws yet loves us unconditionally, like no man can. 

nota kaki : the most difficult phase of life is not when no one understand you, its when you can't understand yourself. [ Reblog ]

Thank you for reading ~!

3 thought(s):

syaftome said... Reply To This Comment

totally agreed...

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

thanks for ur comment !

Dewi Batrishya said... Reply To This Comment

Soothing words. :)
It's true in every sense. :)

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