Sunday, January 9

Protection that we need now


Have you ever walking down the street during rain without using an umbrella? Everyone should have one and should end up wet. If you are not getting cold on the next day, then you are lucky. 

Its so simple, that's what will do if you are not using a protection. And it's just a rain, how about if you are not using protection in more dangerous and harmful situation?  

Well folks, the hard fact about the whole story above is simple, without protection you could endangered and risking your self from any misfortunes that may occur anytime.

Thats why people invented insurance, this is a thing that will covered and protect us due to bad circumstances.
We couldn’t be sure when we will get sick, being forced to lay down our job or even worse, who will taking care of your family if you suddenly passed away?
Although, no one like to talk about misfortunes and bad thing in the future, but its happen and its a real deal. If you are kind or person that not yet aware about the importance of being protected, than you must start thinking about it seriously.

What are you waiting for? Go get yourself insured with just more or less RM150 a month. Plus it's more than that. It can be your saving too! Nak cakap banyak-banyak pun tak guna. Kalau nak lebih detail boleh google sendiri  okay.  There are a lot of insurance/takaful companies available in the market. What could be yours? Decide yourself.  Oh by the way I chose PRUBSN.  

 agent insurance ku memang the best ! kalau nak service tip top from her pls contact at 
Lin Che Mat, di 0136448832

nota kaki : khidmat komuniti servis di tengah hari. heee ;p 

Thank you for reading ~!

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ready umberella before rain

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