Tuesday, January 25

My diet plan


Hi gentle readers ! Today I wanna share my diet plan...I'm a serial diet victim. I feel like my life forever on diet. *sigh* I tried many diet plans... it works and it does loose weight and I did achieved my goal. However, the problem is, I can't maintain it...  HAHA

Well here goes, Its called sugar blockage diet...

1. No sugar (duh~)
2. No sauces (chilli, tomato, oyster)
3. No carbo (rice, noodles, bread, flour, potato)
4. No vegie and fruits

What you can eat

1. Eggs (fried, scrambled, soft, hard boiled, with onions/prawns)
2. Tofu
3. Shell fish (oysters, clam, squid, lala, shrimp, lobster, crabmeat)
4. Meat (beef, lamb, ham, sausage)
5. Fish (tuna, salmon, sardines, all fish)
6. Fowl (chicken)
7. Cheese (cheddar, cottage cheese, butter - no margarine!)

What you can drink

1. Water
2. Spring water
3. Diet soda
4. Fresh full cream milk
5. Soya without sugar

Any method of cooking but preferably you eat more of boiled and steamed rather than fried and grilled...

It works ! But it hard to maintain. Seriously. But to those who yang sangat determine you can try this ! Don't worry this plan is recommended from a trusty beauty consultant.

*Note to self : I have to start this diet plan ASAP and will try to maintain. ^_~

But the fastest way,effective way to reduce weight is,

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nota kaki : aku rasa diet ni never ending la. dah badan ni tak pernah nak kurus sendiri. stress !

Thank you for reading ~!

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Lim Kai Shin said... Reply To This Comment

No vegetables and fruits but CHEESE?? Whyy???

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

miss lim kai shin

Thats why it called sugar blockage diet.
fruits n vege has sugar rite?
but this is for short term only. once you reduce, u can take green vege.

Kei Seichi said... Reply To This Comment

owh..tidak termampu rasanya utk ku diet mcm ni..
i prefer exercise than diet..coz i wanna eat..haha..
nice blog..

Mknace said... Reply To This Comment

:) :) :)

singgah dari mknace unlimited

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

@ Kei Seichi

mmg hardcore sikit diet plan ni. tapi boleh makan byk mana pun. yg pnting kfc still boleh mkn. cuma jgn mkn kulit & crispy tu je. HAHA
actually excercise mmg kena buat. cuma takde masa la... ;) tq for following !

@ Mknace

kena maintainnnnn sbb dah over kembang. HAHA

r-mean said... Reply To This Comment

selamat berjaya

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

@ r-mean

thank you ! ;)

Qi Wen 绮文 said... Reply To This Comment

last year around this time I was kinda in the chubbiest moment, after that I eat regular meals everyday and I jog 30 minutes alternatively. Now, actually I'm back in shape and addicted to running already.. It REALLY feels good~

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

@ Qi Wen 绮文

to tell the truth, i hate jogging or running or anything similar to that. HEHE. but i love aerobics ! it just i dont have time for that. so the easiest way is to control my diet and once in a while dance etc. hee ;p

Syazwana said... Reply To This Comment

hmm seyes ke?
no vegie n fruit?
no sauce?

cheese? eggs?
tak gemuk ke?

ngah diet sekang

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment


kalo follow betul2 insyaAllah tak gemuk. sbb cheese tu protein. kena make sure mmg betul2 no sugar ok.
tapi jgn amalkan diet ni utk masa yg lama. sbb tak ckp nutrien. nanti next post i terang lg detail

Suhami Ahmad said... Reply To This Comment

aiyo....nice info

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

@ Suhami Ahmad

thank u ;)

Chekgu Murni said... Reply To This Comment

try premium beautiful~

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