Saturday, October 1

Stand up - Siti Nurhaliza


Everytime I'm by myself
I'm staring out the window
I'm looking at the weather change
Seeing how the wind blows
I'm tired of giving everything
I've only got the air breathe
I need sometime to myself


Sometimes we learn
After we fall
But it's okay
If you stand up now
Your dreams will be heard
Gotta look inside your heart
If you believe yo'll make it through after all
Though at times they may break
You don't ever forget who you are
Because a woman's strength is in love

When I look into your eyes
I know the pain you're feeling
But it dosen't take away
The beauty of your smile


Time after time
They will hurt you (Don't you ever give in)
There's a reason you've made it this far (don't you ever give up)
Though the road maybe long just hold on
To the faith in your heart
In your heart


Nota kaki : time aku type lyric ni DSN tgh perform di konsert SURIA. fm di Putrajaya. Tapi aku tak pergi. Sob sob

Thank you for reading ~!

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