Saturday, March 19

Everything is different now


People change, oh yes they do. No matter how you're trying not to admit it. They're true. People change, your friends change, your other half change, even you yourself change and there's really nothing you can do but to just move on with life. -_-

It's heartbreaking, realizing that the people around you that you love has transformed into someone you don't know. And the hardest part is, when there's a time you'll lose a friend or two. T__T

Everyone is going their own way I guess?

People change when they're in love. People change when they found a new clique to hang with. People change when they've just got their license or maybe a car. People change when they think too much what people say about them. People change when they started to think that they're too cool to talk to anyone. People change when everyone starts to know them, praising them and they'll forget about us (old mates) and left us behind sad? I know.

Lotsa Love <3
Nadea Emerald.

Nota kaki : It's just NEVER be the same again.

Thank you for reading ~!

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N a d i a said... Reply To This Comment

something happened, isn't it?

|wawa| said... Reply To This Comment


n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment


a lot of things happened ! ;))



kemal said... Reply To This Comment


n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment


copy n paste ! boleh blahhhhh

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