Friday, November 12

11 months


How time flies! Today is 12 November 2010. I have been working HERE more or less 11 months!!! gulp. For the record,  I've never been in the organization for more than 7 months! The longest period I served was in Bank **** which from May 2007- Nov 2007. After that I joined a training conducted by IBBM with a high expectations that will get a better job after graduate but somehow I ended up jobless for quite some time.. everything not fall into place. sob sob (T__T) Then I worked for Bank **** **** from July 2009-Dec 2009.  So roughly I've been moving from one company to another for the past 3 years! wow. Can't believe that I've been doing that. Why on earth I can't stay longer in one organization? I don't know. Perhaps it's due to better offer that they offering me. And now I'm thinking to move again? Well I don't think it's time yet. Even though I've been complaining about how lousy my work is, but deep inside my heart I feel so grateful to be here... ehem... Nevertheless I don't really see myself  would be HERE for the next 3 years... So where my life is heading to for the next 3 years? Only Allah knows... ;)

notakaki : bila kerja banyak aku mula gelabah, then terus nak cari kerja lain!  sengal kan? HEHE but seriously I still need some time untuk menyukai kerja sekarang. Aku belum dapat kepuasan sejak kerja di sini... 

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