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macarons in a cute box !
I source;googled I

What is Macarons? haaaa... ramai kot sekarang suka macarons. Dulu red velvet cake heboh orang perkatakan. Now macarons pulak. Aku sendiri tak pernah rasa. Even nak menyebut pun cam tergeliat lidahku. HAHA. ye lah aku ni lambat sikit bab makan-makan ni... tambah plak aku kurang makanan manis-manis ni... tapi teruja okay tengok macarons ni ! Comel sangat !!

Macarons ni actually a French and, particularly, a Parisian PASTRY! no, more precisely it's a small heavenly thing that you can put in your mouth :-D Sound delicious eh? *mouth watering*  Macarons dibuat dari telur putih, almond powder, icing sugar and sugar. Dia macam sandwich-like, made with two thin cookies and a cream or jam or mousseline between the cookies and can contain also various nuts. Aku suka nuts ! that's why my name is Nad. *off topic. HAHA* Note that each color has its own flavor ! wheheee =D In fact nowadays macarons are widely used as wedding favors! So sesiapa yang nak kahwin boleh la put macarons into consideration okay. Orang kata ikut trend lah kan? Tapi ikut trend pun make sure la budget cukup. ooopppsss ^_~

so kalau sesiapa yang nak rasa macarons ni, boleh try  Piqa Bakery. Get a dozen at only RM12 instead of RM24 from Piqa Bakery. 50% offer tu ! The promotion valid from 17 February - 30 April 2011. Go get yourself macarons now ! Jom ramai-ramai serbu Piqa Bakery !!

nota kaki ;  best jugak buat wedding favors macarons instead of bahulu kan? tapi budget besar la kot kan? HEHE
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