Saturday, February 19

Anti V-day

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On this day {14 Feb} that the world celebrates love and we see hearts all around, we see hearts of all sizes and shapes all around, hearts of chocolate and satin. Oh Yes! It’s Valentines! The day of hearts, red roses, poetry, candies and above all - Love!

Ask yourself :
“Have I ever thought of loving the One Who created me, the One Who gave me a heart that can feel love? Has this heart ever felt love for Him? How many times have I cried for His love?

Have I ever spent any time, effort or money to express my love to Him Who has given me all these things? Am I confident enough to declare my love for Him? Do I ever miss Him in solitude or amongst a crowd? Or am I wasting away a beautiful emotion that was meant for eternity-not just momentary gratification of our ego? Inspite of our ingratitude, The Merciful One continues to love us.

Ask yourself, How much do I love Prophet Mohammad who had said: “By Him in Whose Hands my life is, none of you will have faith till he loves me more than his father and his children and all mankind” (Bukhari).
We don’t have to rejoice ‘their’ occasion just to blend in with them, but let them rejoice our holy celebration like the two Eids. How’s that?

Love can’t be bought in store. The Love that we need the most is from Allah swt, he is Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahim and HIS lover, our Muhammad Ya Nabeena.

nota kaki : I hate Valentine’s Day. I really don’t like it. I’ve been anti Valentine’s Day for quite some time. It’s lame and overrated.
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