Friday, December 31

welcoming 2011


Soon 2010 will be over and we will be welcoming 2011 with a big smile...

I've been thinking back about my 2010 a lot these last few days. It was a great year and one in which I realized how blessed I am. A lot of fun things happened along the way. Tons of great things to be exact. But of course there were some hard things to deal with too. Sigh.

Thus I look ahead to 2011 and I hope it's going to be an amazing year.. InsyaAllah....

Happy new year everyone !

nota kaki : new year's resolution? one of it is, I really hope that on 5th January everything will run smoothly. Amin ;))
Thank you for reading ~!

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syaftome said... Reply To This Comment


ps: reflecting the past is necessary to move forward to the future...

w.a.w.a said... Reply To This Comment

Happy New Year kak nadea..semoga happy sentiasa & good luck tuk Jan'05 tu wlpun xtau pape hehehe

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

syaftome ; TQ

wawa : tq wawa.. happy new year to u too! 5th january? adalah... jeng jeng jeng ;))

F.a.S.h.E.e.H.a said... Reply To This Comment

Happy new year :)

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