Friday, November 9

Pre-love items to let go


 Been meaning to sell my pre-loved items for quite some time..I have a lot of blouse/top that I haven't wear yet plus some of it I can't fit in it already. Sobbsss.. I sudah kembang bermangkuk-mangkuk -_- Some of it I bought online and some I bought it myself.. So pls scroll down if you wish to purchase any of it.

This top I bought from factory outlet in Bandung.. I love the color...

 Never worn

Brand - MINIMAl
Price - RM35 (excluding postage) 

Purple top from Nichii

Never worn
Umur semakin meningkat thus I don't fancy this bling bling top anymore. HAHHA

Brand: Nichii
Size: S
Price: RM35 (Excluding postage)

This top I purchased online via rinasalleh collection...
Never worn..

Brand: No brand
Size: Free size
Price: RM30 (Excluding postage)

 This one really a good bargain !
A pair of jeans from GUESS

I bought it at FJ Benjamin warehouse sales last year.
Never worn so it's a brand new jeans uolls ! Tag pun ada lagi..
Oh it's not skinny.. Straight Leg okay...

Brand- GUESS
Size- 27
Price- RM60 (excluding postage)

If you wish to purchase, do not hesitate to contact me at

Thank you for reading ~!

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