Tuesday, November 6

My favorite strawberry milk body butter


Siapa suka body butter? Rasanya mostly girls/women memang suka beauty stuff macam ni kan..
Ingat lagi dulu masa study kat UiTM selalu beli CLEO sebab nak dapat coupon free.. Coupon tu boleh la beli body butter body shop. Dapat murah sikit.. Bau wangi gila. My fav of course lah blueberry ! Tapi saiz besar sangat.. bertahun jugak pakai tak habis-habis.. Plus body shop punya body butter tak serap sangat so bila pakai terasa kat tangan cam oily... Then lepas tu terus stop guna body butter...

Dulu masa muda remaja beli barang semua nak berjenama/mahal padahal guna duit PTPTN je.. HAHAH.. Sekarang dah kena cari duit sendiri baru tau value of money.. That's explain why I love this body butter so much... 

Introduce to you
Starwberry Milk Body Butter from Sophie Paris...
Moisturizing with milk extract !

I love everything with milk extract because it leaves my skin so soft and nearly good enough to eat. The lingering scent of strawberry milk is my favourite thing about this. Plus it absorbs to the skin quickly compared to body shop body butter. The smell lasts a day long, and as I thought It works really good on me. Other than that the price doesn't burn a hole to my wallet coz it less than RM15 (excluding postage) !! 

 I carry this body butter whenever I go as if I have flaky dry skin. HAHAHA.

If you like to order, feel free to contact me at

Nota kaki : I feel good !!

Thank you for reading ~!

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