Friday, November 16

KDrama - Innocent Man (Mr. Nice Guy)


K-drama again ! 
The reason I watched this drama because of Song Joong Ki & Lee Kwang Soo !!

This drama is strangely captivating. The mysterious elements at the beginning of the episode makes you marvel at what sort of relationship the characters have between themselves.

 Eun Gi - Kang Maru- Han Jae Hee

This story is about the guy named Kang maru (Song Joong Ki) who want to revenge his ex-girlfriend by using the lady on the left hand side Eun gi (moon chae won) who was his ex-girlfriend’s step daugther (yes that girl married to the rich bussinessman, Eungi’s father)

Kang Maru

Your opinion of the character of Maru changes constantly (which is probably why you are so interested in the multiple sides of his personality). At first, I admire Kang Maru intelligence of discovering the illness of the child in hospital. Yet only a few moments later do we get angry at how stupid he can to take the blame for someone else's wrong doing for the wrong reasons. How i hate the type of boy who blinded by love and gave up everything for his love. even his bright career as a doctor! Song Joong Ki acting skill really great. totally different with his previous drama where he usually to be the type of flower boy and always smile. In this drama, he is the main actor and he act as a man. a man who feel betrayed by his love.

 Eun Gi

Eun Gi is very tough, confident girl in this drama, fighting over her stepmother, Jae Hee, who possibly wanting all the property of her dad’s company. Eun Gi in this case, doesn’t seem anything like Jae Hee. She doesn’t have a pitiful side. Eun Gi is even more scholarly than Jae Hee too. Calculation and management seem to be what she does daily. In this case, Eun Gi shows a contradict character compare to Jae Hee.

 Han Jae Hee

Jae Hee is just betrayer in this kdrama. Marrying an old old man right after Maru covering her wrongdoings is just a very disgusting act. However, stupid enough, Maru loves this girl so much, even after being betrayed. How sad. How irritating. How annoying !

Jae Gil & Choco

 Maru's best friend & sister..

This drama has been a non-stop ride of tension and anxiety but … not in a bad way. (As in, rolling-your-eyes at the stupidity of the story or actions of the characters.) I have watched up to episode 18. 2 episodes to go yet I can't predict the ending. Will Maru & Eun Gee finally be together or Maru will be with Han Jae Hee? Arghh.. can't wait to watch...

Nota kaki :  Currently watching Queen In Hyun's man.. Next in the list is Missing you !

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