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Sizzling Stonegrill


Hello everyone !

I'm back with foodies entry. Teehee =D 
That day I went to Melaka with bestie for cuti-cuti Malaysia... We stayed at Bayou lagoon park Resort (will blog about it later). Due to some reason ( its raining cats & dogs that night plus I'm such an idiot when it comes to direction and I rabun.. so yeah bummer !) we end up to AEON (Jusco) that night.

I was famished  that day cause I didn't take my lunch... On diet katanya. 
And I really want to eat chicken or steaks will do. Was looking for nando's/chillis/or anything that have steaks/chicken. Tapi enggak ada. Then we passed by this one restaurant called Sizzling Stonegrill. 

Here we go !

What's so special about Sizzling Stonegrill? The main attraction would be, of course its sizzling stones! 


 Now for those not in the know, a stone grill uses a thick piece of stone, heated up to the temperature as high as 450 °C, and then used to cook any type of food and vegetables. Generally, no oil or fat is used for this type of grilling and they are generally considered very healthy.

 The ambience... Macam dalam gua pun ye jugak. HEHE

My menu on that day. Couldn't recall what its called... But basically its prawn + lamb. While my partner makan meehun tomyam (I guess so)

Anyway, as I have said earlier, you have to really cook your own food. Your food will be served on a plate, with a heated-up stone on it. With the side dishes on the side, whatever meat that you have ordered will be placed on top of the grill.  You will also be served with black pepper sauce to be eaten along with your grilled steaks.

In the mist of grilled my lamb. Mouthwatering 0_o

While the steaks are nice and tender (depending on how well you flip and turn it on the stone grill), the sauce can be a bit salty – spicy enough, but too salty for my taste. Depending on which set you choose, you can either choose rice with mixed veggies, or French fries with mixed veggies. 

I really enjoyed my dining experience here, and I kinda like the theme and the overall uniqueness of this entire restaurant and concept.Dining isn’t really that cheap, but it's affordable I must say. I think this place is really worth a try. In the end, it will very much depends on how much a fan are you of grills and steaks.

Me after dinner. Makin cute tembam sebab makan steak sedap. Eh? 

OOTD (bajet ade orang nak tau. HAHA)
Ombre chiffon Shawl from CalaQisya
Fish tail top from Nichii
Unbranded Palzzo pants 
Seriously the food are nice . Price is quite reasonable too . I will visit them next time if i have the chance. Please let me know if there's such restaurant in Klang Valley. Thanks !

Nota kaki : hidup tak boleh lepas dari pergi AEON agaknya... HAHHAHAA

Thank you for reading ~!

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mmg sedapppp... kalaulah ade kt kl kan...

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