Tuesday, January 13

speed up your browser

hi guys!!

today i would like to share with you guys some tips... this is for firefox user to speed up their browser setting. believe me, it works! i've tried.. btw, i've got this info from here. for more information on blogging tips, just hit the link ya :)

okey let me start

1.open firefox, new window/new tab then type --> about:config --> enter

2. right click , select new & choose integer.. then paste this script-->nglayout.initialpaint.delay .... & set 0

3. then scroll down & look for these script

network.http.pipelining ---> double click & change to TRUE

network.http.proxy.pipelining ---> double click & change to TRUE

---> double click & can change the speed to 30 times. it can be up to until 1000 times.

then u can restart ur firefox. it should be more speedier. just like mine... try first!.. no harm done! well, for clearer picture u can visit this blog & look for this entry --> CLICK HERE

that's all for today.. good luck!
Thank you for reading ~!

4 thought(s):

apei budak kampung said... Reply To This Comment

waaa cantik header..

Farhana. said... Reply To This Comment

ooo...mcm itu kaaaa???? huu...org bdk IT pon tatau..kekeke :P

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

~wooo.. tu cubaan pertamaukar.. nk tukar pas ni.. sbb tu mcm promote diri sndiri laks. haha

~ngee ;) akak pon br taw. jd share la.

NASRUL NASH said... Reply To This Comment

nice info..

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