Friday, January 23

.7 years.

yup. It has been 7 years i'm using celcom. Am such a LOYAL customer. *sigh*
Planned to write about this on 14 jan 09 but being me, such a.... procrastinator, so here i am!

Even though i have been using different kind of hand phones yet i still use the same number! from this hand phone

*nokia 3310*

to this

*nokia 6510*

to this

*nokia 6610*

to this

*nokia 6660*

i'm still stick with CELCOM!!

things change [in this case handphone la], people change [boyfy/friends] but NOT my number! Insya Allah.. It's simply because i love the number! & the best part is i can keep in touch with my lost long friend as this number is UNIQUE and they remember it! ;)

well i'm gonna switch to postpaid once i'm working.. since one of my gf told me that at this age if u still using prepaid, mcm budak sekolah okay... haha *malu*
i know using postpaid is cheaper, but i'm not the type yg suka gayut or online from hp, 3G or doing whatsoever la using hp. i prefer text rather than call. hehe ;)

One more since most of my friends using hotlink, and i being such a stubborn girl don't want to switch to hotlink [sebab hotlink, coverage tak best.. kat kl pon boleh takde line!], so now i have 2 numbers..ya.. ade hotlink juga!!

Apart from that, do you notice that i'm using NOKIA all this while? *giler loyal* but not anymore!! because...

i'm using this phone for my celcom

*sony ericsson w850i*

and this one for my hotlink

*motorola V3-Pink*

nota kaki : entry ni tiada maksud apa-apa. saja nak bagitau nad guna nombor yang sama sejak 7 tahun yg lepas! heeee ;)

Thank you for reading ~!

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Miss Izah Mohamed said... Reply To This Comment

wah.. mmg loyal laa u yunk..
i pn skrg da rase lg bbaloi gune celcom. maxis cam hape ntah..!
dah la mahal.. sape laa nk gune tp stil lg duk promote sim kt org.. xmalu tol promote dorang.. rase cam nk p ckp je dpn muke dorg tu " woi, bek ko renti kan laa promote hotlink tu.. dah xde org nk gune dah..!" haa ni sesi lepas geram ni yunk!... whee~

i pn dh nk matikan je line maxis i n stick je ngan celcom.. if gune hotlink pn i xmo topup.. sbln skali je topup ckup syarat.. ahhaha

boleh eh cenggituh?? ;p

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

~tu la kan.. i mmg loyal.. weheheeee
owh u xgne hotlink da ke? so gne celcom je la skang ni eh? lame x text u smpai xtaw. hehe ;) da stat cuti kan?? happy holiday ye darling ;)

camcilah said... Reply To This Comment

manyak betul lar koleksi tiap2 tahun tukar baru yer..wah wah wah...lemayan tokei kedai hanpon :)

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

agaga ;) dulu2 mase remaja mmg suke tukar hp. boleh katakan tiap2 tahun.. but not anymore.. da tua ni xminat nk tukar2. tnggu rosak br tukr. ni pon SE ni da tunjk ciri2 kne tukar. adoiiii

Mustafa Şenalp said... Reply To This Comment

Çok güzel site.:)

DrSam said... Reply To This Comment


comelnya hp.

//angah// said... Reply To This Comment

amboi amboi amboi....entry kutuk hotlink ni...nsb baik ler htlink user ni baik hati..kalo x..heheh;p..wat eva nk tkr hp SE gak ni..mmmm...;p

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

~agagaga ;p ala i pon hotlink user gak wat skang ni.. tp tetap setia bersama celcom.. hehe ;)

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