Friday, November 11


I still remember 8 years ago. I was thinking that I would want to get married on this beautiful date. It's finally 11/11/11 yet I'm not even a step closer to a marriage. Pathetic isn't it? T___T But then I realize it's just a number. It mean nothing. Nevertheless I'm still excited as tonite one of my bff gonna tie the knot to the love of her life. So yeah at least I have something to remember on this date. Right? ^_~

Nota kaki : Am not going to set when is the BIG day. It's all in Allah's hand. I just pray hard for it. InsyaAllah

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.: mama lynn :. said... Reply To This Comment

tarikh keramat kan.. cantik date ni. hope gonna be hav another 12.12.2012 date yg cun ... ermm

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