Tuesday, February 24

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huh.. dah lama rasanya tak layan tag.. sorry sgt kepada sesiapa yang tag, tapi nad tak buat. sorry ok. ok la let me be frank, actually i'm not into tagging game ni sangat lepas tu malas sangat... hehe ;) tapi mana tag yang memang best, kalo di'tag' nad akan buat. macam tag ni, 2 bloggers dah tag nad.. plus tag ni macam menarik je kan. so nad pon buat la. thanks to nani & boo sebab sudi tag nad! :)

so here's the rule:Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. then you must choose a picture in the first page of results(oh nad suka-suki change the rules, choose pictures NOT in the first page. haha ;p), and post it as your answer. after that tag 7 people.

1.the age of next birthday

* ye i'm gonna turn 26 by this nov. rasa macam baru je 25.. hehe ;)

2.place i do like to travel
~well there are a lot... either local/abroad.. but then i choose to put only 2 in here. yang lain-lain just let me keep it to myself okay... hehe

*niagra falls*


3.favourite place
~of cos as a girl, shopping mall! whenever i hit mall i feel so great!!!

4.a favourite food
~uits.. ni pon ada banyak ni.. nad ni food lover.. so as usual, letak 2 je la my fav dish okay..

*laksa penang. laksa lain-lain-i tak minat okay. lagi satu, i like laksa yang ada kat pasar malam je, bukan yang mahal-mahal kat foodcourt semua tu. *

*owh.. i love chicken soo000oo much! for nando's i'll go for extra hot. tak main la hot aje. haha ;)

5.a favourite thing

*my pink lappie-dell inspiron. walaupun lembab, tp i tetap sayang! hehe *

6.my nickname

*owh my nickname bukan cud OR vista.. tapi NAD yerrr... huhu *

7.a favourite colour

* i love green sooo000oo much*


8.my love ;)

*okey at this moment ni la my love.. hehe ;) lee min ho! die sangat hot!! me likey *wink*

my family.. but for sure la my family photo takde kat google image kan? hehe ;)

9.a hobby

* ye.. saya memang shopaholic!*

*owh.. suke sangat... hehe *

*yes.. i love reading.. chick-lit novel will be my fave!*

10.bad habit

*ye saya sangat suka cium kucing.. hurmm *

11.wish list
~ a LOT!!! tapi as usual.. will put here only 2..

*owh.. sangat teruja dengan camera ni.. bila la agaknye boleh dapat. hehe ;)*


owh i nak tag sorang je.. my babe eira. sebab die susah sangat nak update kan.. plus she's gonna be extemely busy soon, so i choose her as a next victim! hehe ;) babe, buat taw!

Thank you for reading ~!

6 thought(s):

camcilah said... Reply To This Comment

owh..lee min ho itew sangat gorjes..menggiurkan..slurp... ekekekekeke...

apei said... Reply To This Comment

wahh.. citarasa awak ni tinggilah.. wahahahaa..

.ArianiAizat. said... Reply To This Comment

nani nx bermadu ngan lee min ho jugak bley?

s.h.o.m.e.l ;)

btw,tenks sudi buat tag tu!~

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

kak zila
~haha.. tu la... mengiurkan gitu.. huhu ;)

~citarasa tinggi sbb orgnye xbrape nk tnggi. wakkakak ;p

~nk brmadu? okeh2.. boleh aje darling.. sharing is caring kan? hehe ;)

..She's sO €iRa.. said... Reply To This Comment

haha nadd u noty yer :p
u tag i nnt i tag u blk haha!

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

~haha ;) ye la babe. u ssh sgt nk update kan.. so better i tag u! hee ;p

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