Wednesday, February 25

cerita diri sendiri


it's been a while since i blog about myself in here. yeam i am too lazy to update. heh ;)
tapi bila blog walking, tengok semua rajin blog, share je apa yang diorang nak share, makes me wanna do the same thing! huh.. yeah.. i become more inspired by reading their blog! but there's something stop me from doing so.. a part of me wanna share everything! but the other part of me, i just don't! well i used to be like that back then when i was in early stage of blogging.. but as time goes by, i lost that feeling! i feel like i don't wanna share anymore. huh. weird eh?
due to this i tend to have more than 1 blog. so if i don't share about my personal life in here, i might doing so in my other blog, where the readers (if there is any) probably not from people that i know.
i believe that's the real me! i can be very unpredictable to the certain extent. huhu.

i'm tired for being like this! it is unbearable :(
it saddens me sometimes to just think about that i am moving but i aint go nowhere.....uwaaaa

notakaki: saja nak luah isi hati. hehe ;)

Thank you for reading ~!

5 thought(s):

apei said... Reply To This Comment

kalau kau ada 1 ajer blog mesti update kau lagi kerap.

Nur said... Reply To This Comment

alu alu...

dah dapat kerja dah ker...saya doakan dapat..jangan risau ok...solat dhuha and hajat mesti jangan tinggal...:D

semoga berjaya! anak murid miss nur mesti gagah perkasa, bak silversword! :D

//angah// said... Reply To This Comment

yup sis...jdla cm miss..cahaya..;)
tgkla dgn hati..fikirkan dgn iman...redhokan segalanya....

Nur said... Reply To This Comment


//angah// ni sapa ya.....:D..anak murid ku jua ker..

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

~aku mood berubah-rubah.. so kdg2 xnk share kt sni.. share kt blog lain. haha ;)

miss nur
~im working on it.. hee.. haah angah ni anak murid miss juga.. azlina

~thanks darling!

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