Sunday, April 5

It starts in me


Sharing is caring. So here goes the good thing i wanna share. This cool widget u can get it HERE. It is so useful especially for those who wants to stay in shape!

*Desktop view* cute kan?

*It also can be your diary! A cute diary i must say..*

*This is the best thing about this widget. just fill in your information then you will know your daily calorie needs and your daily calorie intakes. hassle-free.*

*Now you can track your calorie intake! awesome!*

*I'm waiting for this!*

Need more information? Just click HERE.

*malas nak menaip mode* hehe ;)

Thank you for reading ~!

2 thought(s):

thejijie said... Reply To This Comment

eee besstnyer ni kann

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

~heee.. mmg best pon! plus sgt comel. ;)

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