Saturday, November 29



guys... u all da tgk lom movie twilight ni?? huhu.. ptg td i g tgk dis movie wit my girlfriends.. huhu.. best!! series.. xcaya u all g tgk okey.. xsangka ade vampire yg hensem n cute mcm tu. haha.. i like!! then after watched it my fwen wants to buy the book [yeah.. movie ni dr buku sbnrnye. the author is stephenie meyer]. we went to borders which happen to be next to the cinema.. heee.. actually b4 dis slalu nmpk buku ni kt bookstores but im not really into dis kind of book unless i know the author.. so i xbeli la.. but since i've watched the movie, i wanted to have the book as well la.. in the end i bought the book! yeah.. typical me... *sigh* yeah.. im very impulsive! then bile nk byr suddenly the cashier asked me. the conversation was like this :-

cashier: have u watch the movie
me: yeah
cashier: do u have the ticket?
me: yup.. [call my fwen, asking where is the ticket]
another cashier: how was the movie?
me: great! i love it!! [i fall in love with the vampire... lalalalla~~]
cashier: here is ur book only for RM21++ after 15% disc
me: wow!! thanks :)

owh.. rupenye ade promotion la.. see.. how lucky i am.. buy the book juz after watch the movie
hehee.. since im still in the mood of twilight so once i reach home tewus i bace.. smpai trtdo2 taw... ekekek ;p but im so excited to read it!!

*nnti kan series yg lain.. sbb ade 3 series movie ni. yeay! *

*owh.. cute nye vampire ni.. heee *

ooppppsss there are a few things which makes me happy today. b4 we went to TS watch twilight, we went to park royal hotel [FJ benjamin warehouse sales]. this is my 2nd time. last year pon i pegi gak.. hoho.. luckily we all g awal, by that time xrmai sgt.. i manage to grab 1 handbag from GUESS, a pair of GUESS jeans & t-shirt from GAP. i nk beli heel frm GUESS but my size xde la.. uhuk sedey jek :( really good bargain i tell u! sape2 yg shopaholic tu mmg sesuwai pegi taw.. tomorrow is the last day. i heard they will mark down the price by 20%. woowww!! mcm nk pegi lg jek. hehe ;p

okeh.. enuff la ramblings for today.. later update lg k

Thank you for reading ~!

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NedDy said... Reply To This Comment

Hai..juz drop by here..erm neddy baru nk g tgk citer tk sempat best jerk kan..k la, to nadea, selamat berblogging..:)

Fakhzan Marwan said... Reply To This Comment

Wah,,,siap dah tgk..hahahha..the critics gave the rating of C- for this movie..ikot standard fails to achieve the standards!

man...i have the second thought of of watching it...but glad that u were having a great day!

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

heee ;)
rmai jugak yg kate cite ni slow la.. dnt meet their expectations.. but for me okey jek..sbb b4 g tgk sy xbace ape2 review pon.. so xde expecattions. haha ;)

PENDEKAR said... Reply To This Comment

aku siap tido..... sedar2 popcorn dah tumpah.... hohohohoo

cerite nie kalau aku punyer pendapat tak payah keluarkan kat panggung wayang, banyak eksploitasi jer, jalan cerite dah boleh bace, CIG pun tak real sangat......

yang menarik cara pengarah atur plot cerite.... tue jer kot

heh(just my opinion)

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

heh ye ke?
citarasa kte berbeza..
i ok je tgk cite ni..
siap leh gelak2.. n kekdag suspen la..
lain org lain rase nye kot..
hehe ;)

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