Monday, November 17



what happen to friendster???? owh please...
setiap kali after maintenance mesti ade problem friendster ni taw!
dulu mase mule2 bleh comment html pon problem.. mase tu tetibe jek tgk comment/testi yg lame hilang. that one bley consider sbb comment je kan?
but now my friends!
smlm log in tgk tetibe je kwn jd 46... eh mane yg lain?
gelabah jugak sbb kwn2 i ade dlm 500 ++ sbnrnye.
i really dont mind if those missing friends were the one that i dont know,but yg missing tu majority my real friends...!
mmg sengal btol..
n then today i log in, oo my GOD! i hve no friends okey.... gilos ape friendster ni??
nk wish birthday pon xdpt..
isk isk isk

yeah.. even i have facebook, myspace, etc but i like friendster most sbb kt situ la pling byk skali my long lost fwen! kwn2 mase kt phg, kwn tuisyen mase form 3 dll...

i know dis will be ok soon tp still rase xbest sbb xdpt tgk profile kwn2.

*bile br okey frenster????


*update at 10.23pm~yeay friendster sudah baik.. boleh view profile kwn2 :)

Thank you for reading ~!

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Sham Hardy said... Reply To This Comment

i was same like u, friendster mmg bnyk long lost friends.. but u have to admit facebook is the best social network ever.. even all my families n friends already move to facebook. so.. do what ever u think u suppose to-do now.. move them all! LOL!

Sweet Thinker said... Reply To This Comment

skang da oke le. db hancus kot.

.t e n t a n g.n a n i e . said... Reply To This Comment

huhu ape da jadi ngn fs nad??ouch..suda sikian lame xbukak fs..da gatei tgn da neh..winnduu..slamat-kah akaun fs nani?kwn2 nani tu?uhuh~

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

to sham~
huh.. yeah FB is the best yet FS still the best social network in asia kan?
heee ;) i manage to move some of them but they still prefer FS lorrr.. so do i! FB kn byk sgt appliaction so most of them will get confuse bile br2 join FB tuh...

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

to nanie~
nanie biase le FS tuh.. bile maintenance je mesti prob.. last weekend kalo log in kwn2 tteibe jd sket/ilang tewos.. but mlm td da okey.. dnt wori akaun nanie pasti selamat!
wheheee ;)

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