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hari ni nk bercerita psl friendship..
sbb last sat (1nov08) my best fwen had dedicated to me 1 speech which brought tear to my eyes..touching nyerr..
never cross in my mind that she gonna talk about me in front of our classmates + facilitator.. i feel honoured.. indeed.. :)
im lucky to have u as my best friend EMA!

ok biar nad story dr mula ye..
ema & nad were classmates since we did our dgree back in 2005..
we were not so close those days.. in fact we rarely spoke to each other because we r in diff group of friends. me with my diploma buddies(all frm uitm jengka) & she's been friend wif her buddies ( fast track students). but towards the end we develop our friendship..
i still recall when they (ema & friends) came over to our house (rented, sec 17) for open house.
that's where its started! mase tu nad n the geng masak laksa.. nad la ketua nye sbb laksa is my fav dish ok. so mmg nad da terer la masak. hahha (satu-satunye yg nad pndai masak)
ema pon mmg suke laksa and it turned out that my laksa sgt sedap. heee ;) sgttt tuh!
ye la mase bg speech ari tu ema siap kate die ingt lg rase betapa sedapnye laksa tuh..*kembang*

then it ends there la bcoz after graduate kitorg lost ctc.. at first nad kje kt hr jusco maluri, ema dkt audit firm buttt miracle does happen! may 2007, we bumped into each other at menara bumiputera.. rupenye nad & ema dpt offer yg same.. utk kje di tmpt yg same, post yg same & branch yg same.. heee ;) so dr situ la we become close.. :)

then... nov2007, once again we have been selected to join 1 course ( yg tgh nad wat skang ni la) together! okey la sbb ade geng & turned out rmai lg geng lain dpt jugak.. alhamdulillah
 we've gone tru 1 week induction. mase tu lain2 class.. then bile time masuk kelas, nah! once again.. nad & ema dpt 1 kelas.. D2.. best kan... hehe :) we become veryyyy close since then..
& now she's one of my besties.. :)

oh no... im not good in writing xpndai nk bg kate2 touching like she did back then*sigh*
but ema, if u happen to read this

just wanna say that,

"our friendship like a wreath has no ending- it just grow on & on"

"i want u to know that you and your friendship means a lot to me"

jom tgk pic
nad & ema

*my fav pic.. yeah.. we looks like twin! mind u! nad 25, ema24*

*at pangkor*

*gediks2 kt dlm class.. heee ;)*

Thank you for reading ~!

2 thought(s):

.t e n t a n g.n a n i e . said... Reply To This Comment

waa..nad!terer msk laksa yerp.
tu my feberet tu..nt ble2 boley la nani merase laksa cik nad kte..
btw,lbey kurang same jer muke nad n ur beshfrens ituh ;)

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

hee ;)
bkn la terer sgt nani
tp bleh la.
nk rase?
meh dtg umah...

rmai org kate muke mmg nk dkt same
ntah.. nad tgk lain je..
ekekke ;p

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