Sunday, June 22

my obsession

my current obsession~~
  • seaweed ( be it wasabi/original/hot & spicy)~~ pdhal 1st mkn dulu sgt xsuke! lame2 da jd addict lak...
  • beryl's choc-mint flavor!~~ huhu.. i'm not a choc lover.. but recently sy suke mkn choc ni after i take my meal.. hurmmm.. yummy!
  • blogging!~~b4 this sy sgt mls nk update.. tp influence dr rakan2 jd mcm nk update slalu.. tp malas tu ttp ade. haha~~
  • on9 shopping~~arghhh! couldn't resist the temptation.. i'm shopaholic!
  • perfumes~~hurm.. b4 this im not a perfume lover.. but now rase cm nk beli je.. tmbh2 tru on9 shoping kan. heeee~~
so far, ni la my current obsession yg i notice since last few weeks.. ngee~~

Thank you for reading ~!

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