Monday, June 2


today ade intellectual course wit CEO frm MNRB & PIDM.
hurm..byk sgt talk frm CEO ni. b4 dis frm maybank,cimb,kfh,bank muamalat, govenor :)
smpai da xrase ape2.. tp td.. perghhh.. 1st time speaker dtg n gave us goodie bag. normally bile went to their permises je br dpt. PIDM ppl gave us very nice goodie bag. like mr azhar said, they gave us BIG carrot.. mcm2 ade... thumb drive,notebook,t-shirt,pen & etc. whehee~~ besh2!
but then 4 the is1 time i fall asleep while d course. so sleepy lor. speaker tu ckp slow sgt. hahaha ;)



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0h 0h yaya said... Reply To This Comment

wee...dpt thumbdrive tuu..
heee..ya tataw lg la kaka nk g ke tak..PJ sgt tak familiar..
umah my sis kt bkt beruntung..
tgk la cane..if pegi..i'll let u know k :)

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