Sunday, June 15

diet ker?

holla guys.. yeah.. i knw i dnt update much.. been bz n lazy.. heehe ;)
b4 start juz wanna wish happy father's day to all daddy in this whole world!

alrite.. so actually i tgh on diet skang. i choose herbal life as my replacement. so far not bad la. selera xde la menjadi2 sgt. n so far xde mkn mlm. but then this whole week i didnt consume herbal life. too buzy. xsmpt nk wat shake. heeee ;p but still manage to avoid dinner. plg lmbt pn kul 7.30 sbb buke puase.. but today mkn agak byk sbb i beli pizza hut for my family. its my treat la since today is father's day kan. whehee~~
sgt sedap. ni xmkn lg spagetti cabonara. haha ;) abis la diet aku.
xpe esok me start consume herbal life blk n try to be consistent. wish me luck ok....

ok till then.. daaaa...


Thank you for reading ~!

3 thought(s):

Adry said... Reply To This Comment

Hush... kalau dah makan semua tu bukan diet namanya.. haha... tp saya rasa badan awak ok jerr.. cute what... i judge from the pic la...

// e m e r a l d // said... Reply To This Comment

hehe ;) tu la psl. minggu ni mkn je ape yg ade. xdpt nk diet sgt. cume elak mkn mlm je skang. sok br nk start diet btol2 blk. whehee~~ sy juz nk turun 5kg je.. bkn la gemok cume agak flabby sket.

l y n n a s h a a r i said... Reply To This Comment

wahhh...try herbal jgk eyh.keep on diet darl ;)

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