Sunday, June 29

holla peeps!
actually xde ape pn ari ni. i just stay at home, play around wif my cats n surfing the net. that's my routine for sunday. heee ;) but since im gonna start my attachment soon, i need to know where exactly my bank located. so today at 6pm me & both of my parents went to kl (golden triangle) to find where is it. owh ya, my office located at jln sultan ismail. so i'll take monorail to go there. heee ;) dkt ngn sg wang, lot 10-senang nk shopping. wakkaka ;p so we went along the sultan ismail road. for those who dosent know, i wanna tell u that jln sultan ismail sgt panjang okey. n there are a lot of bank at that road. i pown xtaw sgt. my mom yg kate la. so we were there almost for one hour searching where is menara dion & jp morgan. but then still cant find it! argghhh.. i da mule tension nih! pstu my mom rushing nk blk because its already magrib. we headed home with unsatisfaction! cmne nk g keje nih?? hurm... so guys if u all know where is JP MORGAN located, do inform me k! thanks.


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Miech said... Reply To This Comment

haa..da tau tmpt ke blom akak syg??? akak keje kt J.P morgan ke? bile start??? Menara dion tu dekat2 equatorial hotel. tau tak hotel tuh? aritu ade nmpk?? menara tuh seberang hotel tuh...

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

da taw naa.. ari tu terlepas pndang rupenye.. heee.. da 4hari da kje kt situ.
ok la..
naa ofis br cmne? ok ke?

AALAA' said... Reply To This Comment

HI! & salam. i was browsing on the Fstep prog. and if im not mistaken, ure one of the i just wanna ask if they're recruting anytime soon? huhu and how was it? okey ke? and is it no too kate if im to register banyak plak tanye ;) okey lah thanks ya..

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

hey, u da trlmbt la dear. new batch juz started their class last week. maybe u shud try for next intake?

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