Saturday, May 10


dush dush!
i am soo nervous rite now.. why eh? leen yg nk kawen tonite but then i lak yg nervous. am i going to meet sombody there? i dnt knw. but hey seriously i can feel dat there are butterflies in my stomach! haaa ;)isk.. its around 4hours to go.. im soo excited.. so do d rest of my fwen.. why? becoz d wedding will b held at PWTC. ha! grand kan?

Thank you for reading ~!

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0h 0h yaya said... Reply To This Comment

wah..cambest je..nty upload gamba bnyk2 k
kaka mesti da bomb!klu jmp 'sape2' tu..cite la kt ya eyh..btw,sharing is kn :P

// e m e r a l d // said... Reply To This Comment

occay yaya.. akak will always update kt sni.. yaya pn upload pics byk2 occayh? ;)

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