Tuesday, May 6

marriage? no comment!

m a r r i a g e

it seems like most of my so called fwens gettin married/juz married dis year. its juz like a campaign "lets gettin married togetha getha!". but then why i shud be jelous by them? hurm.. even i tried NOT to but somehow it still affect me! i can't stop thinking bout it for a past few days. am i so desperate? NO! so pathetic!! am i? huhu no wonder i've been single for more than 3years. somebody asking me why i dnt hav a bf? my answer? make a guess la. haha ;p
this marriage/bf thingy seriously keep on playing in my head. arghh! its suppose not to be an issue. im still young. no need to settle down too fast kan kan kan?

Thank you for reading ~!

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