Thursday, May 1


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labour day!

today is public hol! besh nye.. tp i juz tdo 4 d whole day.. why??
because last nite my fwens n i wat kje gler. muahahha!
wut is dat? yeah.. lemme share wif u all ok~
here it goes..
  • we all nk shopping since allowance da msk plus wedding leen da dkt. (leen's wed will be held at PWTC. so everybody wanna dress to kill!! )
  • since today is public hol, we decided tuk shopping smlm la. n ade lak yg bagi cadangan we all pegi main bowling +tgk movie..
  • after discussed we all agree to go for shops + tgk movie + hang out kl till dawn! yeah, u hear me. hang out till DAWN!!
  • fiza supposed to join us but she cant make it. yg join me + anne + wawa + asmaa' + jep + pak lah. 6 of us.
  • at 1st me, pak lah, anne naik kete jep. 1st pegi sogo.. shopping dulu!! wheeehe!!
  • i bought myself a pair of heel. RED colour ok! to match wit my baju. i think it's hot. it cost me RM68++. nvm i luv it! *huge grin*
  • then we all help pak lah n jep to choose their shirt fer leen's wed. pak lah go for pink shirt. it suits him well ok. so sweet ;) n jep go for peach stripes shirt. u knw wht, it took almost an hour fer them to make a decision.
  • then we all went to OU to watch movie. he haven't decide yet what movie.
  • mkn nando's n borak smpai nando's nk tutup.
  • then tgk movie CONGKAK. midnite pnye. hurm.. bley la cite nye. i think JBP much more better.
  • after dat ingt nk g karaoke but its already 2am. mane de bkk kan? so we all g jmpe faka lak kt klcc. lepak2 je around klcc. round2 kt situ tgk rmai yg drunk n dress mmg fuh.. sxy bangat!
  • teman faka tgk bola kt NZ plak. chelsea vs liverpool la rasenye. me xtgk sgt. mase tu da fenin n ngantok gler. badan pn da melengas sbb xmandi. eeee.
  • last g lepak umah anne jap b4 heading home
dats all guys.. so last nite frm FSTEP we went to SOGO then to OU then to KLCC then to NZ wangsa maju. so mmg round kl la.


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