Monday, May 26

grooming workshop

today is grooming class! d most anticipated class eh! yeay, i luv grooming ;) our trainer for today is ms wendy. she's very cute, friendly & energetic. juz like NICK.
I've learnt a lot since her style of teaching very simple n understandable. its such an honour to have her as image consultant for today session.
  • she taught us on how to mix & match colour. which u can't match WARM color wit COOL color. it'll never blend together.
  • yin & yang look. where i am yin :))
  • how to apply eyeshadow. dis part is the most interesting part lor. becoz she choose me to be her model. warhhhh! proud gler even a bit shy at 1st. ekekeke ;p
there's a video being recorded while she make up me but its in KNOT's hp. will bluetooth it soon.. huhu
neve expect that we being train by professional image consultant. u can view her website which is
time flies so fast which i hardly believe that today session is over. goin to miss wendy & nick :(


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3 thought(s):

izah said... Reply To This Comment

waaa yunk.. interesting tol..
i xpnh ade chance nk p grooming workshop tau.. kt uitm slalu je buat tp i lak malas nk join.. uhuh

wahh u can b my beauty consultant! hehe

::angah:: said... Reply To This Comment

weeee...besnyer..nnti leh ler ajr angah ek..hw to blend d colour..bile ler nk dpt moment cm xpe..u can teach me rite...cant wait to learn..hahaha..

nad said... Reply To This Comment

hehe ;) kelas grooming mmg besh! tmbh plak dpt make up2 ni..
bley je ajar.. kire i da pndai la skang. wah gitu!!
ekekek ;p

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