Tuesday, December 2

#throwback 24112014


Selama ni tak pernah lupa wish diri sendiri dekat blog sempena birthday.. But this time around iols lupa hence the #throwback entry ! heheheeh ;p

Happy belated birthday to me ~!
24 November 2014

I am officially 31st years old and I feel awesome !

I hope my beauty is in the eye of my husband. hahahahah

Nota kaki: I have another lil secret to spill soon ! InsyaAllah...

Thank you for reading ~!

2 thought(s):

|wawa| said... Reply To This Comment

secret?? can't wait *peminat setia.. hihihi

Nadea Emerald said... Reply To This Comment


haha ada peminat kerrr... ingt akak syok sendiri.. hihi tq ;)

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