Wednesday, March 28

Draw Something is app-solutely addictive!


OMG this is the most fun app everrrrrrrrr! :D It's like pictionary, only without the people keep guessing 'Alien' for my drawings HAHAHAHA! It's the most popular game on the Apple Appstore now! So easy, fun and interactive too. The game is basically depicted by the name : you DRAW SOMETHING, and your opponent guesses what it is!

Anyway, here are a few of my drawings for your entertainment purposes.
Now mind you I am no brilliant doodler but that is what makes the game so much fun. lol!

My cat... Comel kan? HAHAHA

Guess who? HAHAHA. Normally aku just draw girl dengan title song...

Here goes my best draw (I guess)


It's my version of.....


So sesiapa nak tengok betapa awesome nya aku lukis sila jangan segan untuk add aku
Id: Nadea Emerald

Nota kaki : Kagum aku siapa yang lukis cantik2 tu. I just don't have the talent. Sorry. HEHE

Thank you for reading ~!

4 thought(s):

::me:: said... Reply To This Comment

bolehla tu nad...trskan usaha..heheh

Nadea Emerald said... Reply To This Comment


HAHAHAHA... hebat kan lukisan ku?

The ShomeL TwinZ said... Reply To This Comment

cantik lukisan... :)

Nadea Emerald said... Reply To This Comment

@The ShomeL TwinZ

HAHA perli ke dik? ;))

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