Saturday, December 31



In just less than 2 hours we would be approaching 2012. How time flies ! So many things happened in 2011 which I don't have intention to story about it. Huhu. So how you guys gonna celebrate your new year? As for me I'm not celebrating. I'm in KB now attending my girlfriend's wedding. So yeah me gonna be in KB for 2 years. Literally. LOL.

 I just hope that next year my life would be better in all aspects and bring me more happiness. InsyaAllah. Okaylah I should stop now. Time to take some piccies with the newlyweds. Teeheee 

 So happy new year 2012 everyone ! 

 Nota kaki : I hope this one would be publish cause been trying since a few hours ago to do so.

Thank you for reading ~!

3 thought(s):

|wawa| said... Reply To This Comment

gonna be in kb for 2 years?keje sana plk ke akak?ouh HNY again..hehe

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment


2 years la 31/12/11 - 01/01/12. HAHAHAHA...

|wawa| said... Reply To This Comment

hahaha...okei tertipu..

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