Monday, December 15

what?? parental guidance??

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erkkk.. can you believe that my blog is rated as PG [parental guidance]
adehhhhh.. which part yg kne guide ni?
part yg kiki delivered her kittens ke?
i thought my blog will be rating as U
hahahhaha :)
what say you?
what do you think??
find out your blog rated!!

Thank you for reading ~!

3 thought(s):

::SRISUFI:: said... Reply To This Comment

agaknya blog sri kategori ape ye nad??hehehe

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

tu la sri
xpasal2 blog nad ni sape yg underage kne ade parental guide kalo nk bace. hahhaa kelakar!!

sri try la wat. then bgtaw la...

camcilah said... Reply To This Comment

Aiyoo..biar betul??! ni mesti diorg rate suka hati sbb diorg tak paham content blog kan. Maklumlar..dia ckp ayam..kita cakap itik..muehehehehe :lol:

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